What is Cement Raw


Raw cement is a mixture of lime-based raw materials, clay-based raw materials, and a small amount of calibration raw materials (sometimes mineralizers, seed crystals, etc.), with carbon added during cement production. shaft furnace) in proportion to be ground to a certain fineness. Depending on the cement production method, raw flour can be divided into raw flour slurry, raw flour powder, raw flour granules and raw flour blocks. They are suitable for wet, dry, semi-dry and semi-wet production requirements. No matter what kind of raw flour, the chemical composition is required to be stable, and the fineness and moisture must be guaranteed to meet the requirements of different production methods, so as not to affect the kiln calcination and clinker quality.

The use of cement raw

Raw cement powder use: dry process rotary kiln and vertical kiln using white raw powder calcination. Black raw powder: the ground raw powder contains all the carbon needed for calcination. It is used in calcined shaft kilns with all the raw black flour method. Semi-black raw powder: the ground raw powder contains only part of the carbon needed for calcination. It is used in a calcined shaft furnace using the semi-black raw powder method. Raw material slurry: raw material used in wet production. Generally, the moisture content is about 32% to 40%.

Cement raw milling process


The composition of cement raw materials

Fly ash1.4553.4426.876.737.231.361.261.66100.00
Iron powder6.0018.252.3662.782.541.981.334.76100.00
Coal ash-53.0926.605.127.151.781.235.03100.00

Cement Raw Powder Making Equipment Selection Program

ModelVertical mill

Stage 1: Crushing of raw materials

The material is crushed by the crusher to the fineness that can enter the mill(15mm-50mm).

Stage 2: Grinding

The crushed small pieces of material are sent to the storage hopper through the elevator,and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill evenly and quantitatively through the feeder for grinding.

Stage 3:Classification

Through classification, the coarse powder will return to main mill to grind again.

Stage 4:Collection of finished products

The powder that meets the fineness enters the dust collector through the pipeline with the air flow for separation and collection, and the collected finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device through the discharge port, and then is packaged uniformly.


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