HCH series ultrafine mill for calcium carbonate in Vietnam

In 2014 the customer started researching in China, and finally selected HCH 1395 ultrafine roller mill after communication with our engineers. HCH1395 ultrafine calcium carbonate mill is one of the largest roller mill in China, which breaks the capacity limit of roller mill and has been widely applied in heavy calcium carbonate ultrafine powder processing projects. Vietnam customer bought 4 sets of HCH1395 ultrafine mill for grinding calcium carbonate. The equipment started working within 2 months, the production capacity is 10% higher than other roller mills, wearing parts has 50% long service life. The equipment with low consumption and environment friendly, the customer is very satisfied.

Model and equipment number: 4 sets of HCH1395 mills

processing material: calcium carbonate

Fineness: 800-1250 mesh

Capacity: 5-8t/h

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