Annual output of 95,000 tons of ultra-fine grinding machine for marble

In the field of marble grinding, the marble grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng has strong market competitiveness. In order to further expand the production line and improve the competitiveness of the products in the market, the customer reached a cooperative relationship with Guilin Hongcheng and introduced two HLMX1100 vertical ultra-fine grinding mills to produce 800-mesh marble powder. Facts have proved that the advanced vertical ultra-fine grinding marble production line provided by Guilin Hongcheng has large output, low energy consumption, simple operation, high quality of finished products and good environmental protection. It can greatly reduce the company's comprehensive investment cost and create considerable market value for the company.

Model and equipment number: 2 ultrafine vertical mills HLMX1100

processing material: marble

Fineness: 800 mesh

Capacity: 95,000 tons / year

320,000 tons/year vertical clay mill

In order to develop a broader market, the customer decided to introduce advanced clay grinding mill production lines to meet the expanding market demand. After many visits and negotiations, the advanced technology of Guilin Hongcheng HLM2900 vertical mill has been appreciated by customers.

Model and equipment number: 1 vertical mill HLM2900

processing material: ground shale and clay

Fineness: 250 mesh

Capacity: 32,000 tons / year

A Production Line of Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill in Southeast Asia

HCH1395 Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate  Grinding Mill and HLMX Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate Vertical Grinding Mill manufactured by  HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) have created a considerable value for customers in the aspect of capacity, fineness, quality of finished products.

Model and equipment number: 6 sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill,1 set  of HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill

processing material: calcium carbonate

Fineness: 8um D97 (HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 12 um (HLMX Series Superfine Grinding Vertical Mill)

Capacity: 200,000 tons (6 Sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 50,000 tons (1 Set of HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill)

HLMX calcium oxide ultrafine vertical mill

The owner of the calcium oxide ultrafine vertical mill project has abundant and good quality limestone resources, which is a very good raw material for the production of calcium oxide. Proprietary calcium oxide powder is mainly used as a filler for architectural coatings, environmentally friendly latex paint, waterproof putty, sewage treatment and other fields. The customer's plant is equipped with a HLMX1100 ultrafine  vertical mill, which is used to produce 325-1500 mesh calcium oxide powder. With 1250 mesh D97, the production capacity can reach 6 tons per hour.

Model and equipment number: 1 ultrafine vertical mills HLMX1100

processing material: calcium oxide

Fineness: 325-1500 mesh

Capacity: D97 mesh 325, 15-18T / h; D97 mesh 600, 10-12T / h; D97 mesh 800, 8-10T / h

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