HCH series ultrafine mill for calcium carbonate in Vietnam

In 2014 the customer started researching in China, and finally selected HCH 1395 ultrafine roller mill after communication with our engineers. HCH1395 ultrafine calcium carbonate mill is one of the largest roller mill in China, which breaks the capacity limit of roller mill and has been widely applied in heavy calcium carbonate ultrafine powder processing projects. Vietnam customer bought 4 sets of HCH1395 ultrafine mill for grinding calcium carbonate. The equipment started working within 2 months, the production capacity is 10% higher than other roller mills, wearing parts has 50% long service life. The equipment with low consumption and environment friendly, the customer is very satisfied.

Model and equipment number: 4 sets of HCH1395 mills

processing material: calcium carbonate

Fineness: 800-1250 mesh

Capacity: 5-8t/h

Water slag micropowder saves energy and reduces emissions, and Guilin Hongcheng Vertical Mill writes a new chapter

Recently, the water slag micropowder preparation production line built by Guilin Hongcheng has been installed! The main equipment of this production line is HLM series water slag vertical mill, which was designed and constructed by Guilin Hongcheng according to local conditions and rationally coordinated arrangements. This production line has scientific and reasonable design, compact layout, intelligent and environmental protection, and truly makes customers feel the economic benefits brought by new energy-efficient equipment and new technologies!

Model and equipment number: HLM2800 Vertical Mill

Processing material: water slag

Finished particle size: 420㎡/kg


Raymond grinding sand making machine

Can Raymond mill make sand? HC pendulum mill is a set of sand making and grinding powder machine by Guilin Hongcheng to meet the multi-functional requirements.

The customer ordered two sets of HLMX1700 vertical mills and one HC1900 pendulum mill and sand-powder integrated machine assembly production line, which has been running successfully for more than one month. The three sets of equipment support an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons, which is continuously creating company performance.

Model and equipment number: 2 sets of HLMX1700 vertical mill,1 set  of HC1900 pendulum mill

Capacity:700,000 tons/year

800 mesh artificial stone grinding equipment

How to rationally use waste artificial stone to turn waste into treasure, at this time, it is inseparable from the help of an ore grinding mill. What manufacturers have the case of grinding 800 mesh artificial stone grinding equipment? As a professional grinder mills manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng has a wealth of successful experience in artificial stone grinding cases. The HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill is used to grind 800 mesh artificial stone. This equipment is a scientific method used by Guilin Hongcheng, The new artificial stone equipment developed through technological transformation and upgrading has excellent production performance, and can process artificial stone powder of more than 325 meshes and an hourly output of more than 10 tons.

Model and equipment number: hlmx ultrafine vertical mill

Processing material: artificial stone

Capacity:more than 10 t/h

HC1700 sodium bicarbonate Raymond mill landed in South Korea

Sodium bicarbonate is an important industrial raw material, widely used in desulfurization, glass manufacturing, rubber, fire fighting equipment and other industrial fields. Recently, Guilin Hongcheng has added new equipment to its overseas market in South Korea. Hongcheng's professional team successfully built a complete sodium bicarbonate Raymond mill production line, which helped the high-value development of sodium bicarbonate processing and won praise from customers!

Model and equipment number: Raymond Mill HC1700

Processing material: sodium bicarbonate

Capacity:more than 10 t/h

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