HCM Mill Series

The HCM series innovative Raymond mill is an upgraded version of Raymond mill, with advanced and reasonable structure and reliable performance. HCM series grinding mill is widely used in the fields like metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, etc. The machine is good for making various anti-fuel and anti-explosive with hardness below seven, moisture below 6%. Such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, activated carbon, talc, titanium dioxide, quartz, feldspar, bauxite, marble, gypsum, barite, fluorine, lmenite, phosphorite, graphite, clay, limestone, zircon bentonite, manganese etc. Final fineness is adjustable from 0.18mm to 0.038mm (80-400 mesh).

Max feeding size:25mm

Capacity: 1-25t/h

Fineness: 38-180μm


The production of a single unit is up to 25 tons / hour and the production of the equipment is equivalent to 6 traditional 4R mills. The cost of power consumption is low, the power consumption is about 3/4 of that of 6 4R Raymond mills.
Forced turbine classification system (Patent No.: ZL201030143470.6). The grading granularity is uniform and fine. The classifier adopts turbo forced classifier to expand the range of finished product size from original 80-325 mesh range to 80-400 mesh range.
The capacity per unit of grinding time is higher and the efficiency is higher. With the same total power of the R-type mill, the output has increased by more than 40% and the unit energy consumption cost has been saved by more than 30%.
The multi-layer barrier structure is adopted to ensure the sealing of the grinding roller device (patent number CN200820113450.1): effectively prevent dust from entering, the grinding roller assembly only needs to be supplemented with lubricating oil for 500-800 hours of maintenance, which greatly reduces the maintenance time.
From the crushing, transportation and grinding to the collection, storage and packaging of finished products, it can form an independent production system. The mill has a three-dimensional structure, equivalent to one-third space occupation of traditional 4R mill, reduces plant infrastructure costs and investment cost.
The mill adopts variable frequency control and PLC operation, which can basically realize fully automated production and save labor cost. Users can choose remote intelligent mill monitoring system.

Structure and Principle

HCM series innovative raymond mill mainly composes of main mill, feeder, classifier, fan, pipeline device, storage hopper, electrical control system, collecting system, etc.

The material that is ground through the crusher, goes up the elevator and reaches the feeding hopper, from the variable frequency feeder it enters the main mill. The central axis through main motor drives spider arm, roller assembly and knife rotate together, the material with the action of centrifugal force moves between grinding ring and roller, through crushing, extrude the raw material, ground material rises through the air reaches the classifier thanks to the fan, turbine classifier separates the air and the pulverized powders. The fine powder goes through the double cyclone collector to be finished, and the large powder goes back to the main mill for grinding again until it reaches the fineness you need.


Technical parameter

ModelNumber of rollsGrinding ring diameter(mm)Feed Size(mm)Fineness(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)

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