Hongcheng Foundry successfully cast 50 tons of castings

Hongcheng Foundry successfully cast 50 tons of castings

Recently, Guilin Hongcheng Foundry successfully cast a large casting with a weight of 50 tons of molten iron, which achieved a breakthrough in casting technology, further consolidated the foundation of powder equipment manufacturing, and improved the competitiveness of Hongcheng products. At the same time, Hongcheng Casting has also opened up a new situation in the production of super-large castings in Guangxi.



The Standing Committee visited Hongcheng for investigation

On July 13, Zhou Jiabin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region People's Congress and secretary of the Guilin Municipal Party Committee, and Li Chu, the mayor, visited Guilin Hongcheng to conduct field research on the key projects of Guilin Hongcheng's high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing industrial park. Guilin Hongcheng Chairman Rong Dongguo, Vice Chairman Rong Beiguo and other leaders accompanied the company.



Hongcheng Grinding Mill boosts Hezhou calcium industry

From June 28th to 30th, 2023, the 4th China Hezhou International Stone Calcium Carbonate Exhibition will be held in Guangxi Dongrong Stone Calcium Carbonate Trading Center, Hezhou City! The exhibition focused on the field of calcium carbonate. Guilin Hongcheng presented a series of ultra-fine vertical mills used in the calcium carbonate industry, helping the calcium carbonate industry to develop high-end, intelligent, green and integrated.



HCM Grinding Mill Boosts the Mining Industry in Southeast Asia

The 12th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum and Promotion Exhibition came to an end not long ago. Under the background of the theme of "joining hands in the 'Belt and Road' construction and seeking sustainable development of the green mining industry", the mining cooperation between China and ASEAN countries will be more Close and in-depth, the pace of the domestic mining industry will be more stable. Guilin Hongcheng is a representative enterprise of domestic mine grinding mill machinery. Its high-quality mills have been successfully used in the mining industry in Southeast Asia, and will continue to promote the sustainable development of green mining in Southeast Asia.



Guilin Hongcheng Green Factory Environmental Protection Equipment

Since May, the Guilin Hongcheng production plant has been full of greenery and a vibrant scene. The prosperity of forest and grass leads to the prosperity of ecology, and the prosperity of ecology leads to the prosperity of civilization. To promote the "greening" of factories, we must not only let the green come into view, but also make the concept of green deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Guilin Hongcheng builds a "green factory" to inject "green" power into environmentally friendly high-quality grinding mills, stepping up to a new level of green development.



Hongcheng-Top Ten Outstanding Private Enterprises in Guilin

On April 3, 2023, the Office of Guilin Federation of Industry and Commerce selected the list of "The First Top Ten Outstanding Private Enterprises in Guilin". Guilin Hongcheng's strength is shortlisted!

Guilin Hongcheng HLM3400 large vertical mill delivery

Guilin Hongcheng HLM3400 large vertical mill delivery

Recently, Guilin Hongcheng's new high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing industrial park ushered in the smooth start of production. The first HLM3400 large-scale vertical mill born in the new production base is a large-scale and intelligent equipment produced by Guilin Hongcheng in line with market trends. 11 large trucks sent the HLM3400 vertical mill to the customer site in an orderly manner to ensure the equipment was delivered on time.



Never stop upgrading - Guilin Hongcheng efficient ultra-fine grinding equipment

Inherit originality and good quality, and build new charm for innovation and development! As a manufacturer trusted by the majority of users, Guilin Hongcheng constantly improves its R&D strength, deepens the application field of ultra-fine powder processing, closely follows the market and customer needs with the force of reform and innovation, enables the upgrading of ultra-fine grinding equipment with the effect of science and technology, and successfully creates a more efficient, environmentally friendly and stable ultra-fine grinding machine for the powder processing market. Guilin Hongcheng continues to create value for customers and assists in the rapid development of the powder market!



Hongcheng Trade Union successfully completed the general election

Guilin Hongcheng Trade Union seized the tail of August. On August 30, the second trade union election was held in the conference room on the first floor of the company's mechanical and electrical power plant area, which was a complete success.



Progress of Guilin Hongcheng Baoshan Industrial Park

On January 17, Zhao Weidong, Director of the Organization Department of Guilin Municipal Party Committee, Shi Yulin, Secretary of Lingui District Party Committee, and He Bing, Head of Lingui District, etc, visited Guilin Hongcheng High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park for investigation, accompanied by Rong Beiguo, Vice Chairman of Guilin Hongcheng.