2023 Guangxi Foundry Association Annual Meeting

Release date: 2023-12-19

From December 15th to 16th, the 2023 Guangxi Foundry Association Annual Meeting, hosted by the Guangxi Foundry Association and co-organized by Guilin Hongcheng, concluded successfully in Guilin. With the theme of "Innovation Leads the High-Quality Development of the Foundry Industry", this annual meeting seeks to jointly develop the foundry industry develop. During this period, the participants focused on inspecting Guilin Hongcheng.

The meeting held wonderful expert reports, entrepreneur dialogues and technical forums. Representatives and experts interacted enthusiastically and discussed issues in actual production and application. The exchanges were sufficient, the meeting was efficient and compact, and sparks of wisdom were generated. Together they discussed casting technology innovation and planned high-quality development of castings.

After the meeting, the participants went to the Hongcheng factory area for an on-site visit, focusing on the large-scale high-end intelligent equipment casting base in Hongcheng Baoshan Industrial Park. Casting is an indispensable process link in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is a solid support and basic guarantee for the innovative development of many host products and high-end equipment. Through continuous technological innovation, Hongcheng has enhanced its casting capabilities, significantly improved its product structure, casting quality and process equipment level, and promoted the foundry industry to move towards high-end, intelligent and green directions. The visitors had an immersive understanding of Hongcheng's casting technology, workshop workflow and product manufacturing process, and gained a deeper understanding of Hongcheng.

2023 Guangxi Foundry Association Annual Meeting

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Hongcheng started with casting, drives development with innovation, introduces highly skilled talents, uses advanced casting technology to consolidate the foundation of equipment manufacturing, and gradually becomes a leading enterprise in high-end intelligent manufacturing of grinding mill.

At the beginning of 2023, the foundry workshop of Hongcheng Baoshan Industrial Park held a grand first molten steel casting ceremony, marking the successful start of the first phase of the Hongcheng High-end Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park project and taking its casting capabilities to a new level! Soon after, Hongcheng successfully cast a large casting with a weight of 75 tons of molten iron, opening up a new situation in the production of super large castings in Guangxi! After the industrial park is fully completed and put into operation, it can achieve an annual production capacity of 70,000 tons of castings and more than 3,000 sets of grinding mill.

This annual meeting focuses on innovation to lead high-quality development and guides the future direction of casting. Hongcheng will also follow the development of industry trends, strengthen technological innovation, be oriented by customer needs, base itself on the powder equipment manufacturing industry, spare no effort to enhance equipment manufacturing capabilities and market competitiveness, and promote the foundry industry to become innovative, green, high-end, and intelligent, high-quality development.

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