Extraction of Lithium From Lepidolite Calcined Slag

Extracting lithium from lepidolite calcined slag has become a profitable direction for traditional ceramic production lines. In the past, calcined lepidolite slag was generally discarded directly after being roasted, which not only took up space but also polluted the environment, posing a major problem for ceramic companies. Guilin Hongcheng is a lithium slag vertical grinding mill manufacturer in Guangxi. The lithium slag vertical mill production line we produce provides good equipment assistance for turning lepidolite calcined slag into waste. Today I will introduce to you the technology of turning lepidolite calcined slag into treasure, and how the calcining of lithium slag blanks by ceramic companies can help the development of the lithium battery industry.



Can vertical mill produce ultrafine steel slag powder?

Can vertical mill produce ultrafine steel slag powder? Because steel slag generally has problems such as low activity, poor grindability, and poor stability, its use in cement and concrete is limited. Ultrafine steel slag is an important way to improve the performance of steel slag and has always been a direction that people have explored. However, most of them have problems such as low output and high energy consumption, and large-scale production has not been achieved for many years. How to grind high specific steel slag powder? As a manufacturer of steel slag ultrafine vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng will provide you with detailed analysis and answers today.



Aluminum slag recycled cryolite powder production line

The raw material of the regenerated cryolite powder production line using electrolytic aluminum carbon slag treatment comes from the waste residue generated during the aluminum electrolysis process. The production cost is low, and the hydrogen fluoride gas generated during the waste residue treatment process can be repeatedly recycled to produce cryolite products after being absorbed by water or alkali. The cryolite products produced are mainly used as fluxes for aluminum electrolysis, so the cryolite produced by this method is called recycled cryolite.



Waste metallurgical coke powder activated carbon

Metallurgical and chemical enterprises generate large amounts of waste metallurgical coke powder every year. Waste metallurgical coke powder activated carbon can not only reduce production costs, but also improve economic benefits and reduce the environmental pollution of waste coke powder. It is a research project that saves energy, reduces consumption and protects the environment.



Application characteristics of talc powder

The application characteristics of talc powder are mainly reflected in: reinforcement, heat preservation, barrier, nucleation, and aging resistance. This is why talc powder can stand out among many fillers. Talc has the advantages of soft texture, low abrasion, high gloss, low oil absorption value, and good transparency.

What are the types of quartz sand downstream products?

What are the types of quartz sand downstream products?

As the main basic raw material for many emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, and new generation information technology, quartz sand plays an irreplaceable role. So, what are the types of quartz sand downstream products?



Application of Transparent Stone Powder

Transparent powder is a transparent functional filling powder. It is a composite silicate and a new type of functional transparent filler. It has the characteristics of high transparency, good hardness, excellent hue, high gloss, good collapse resistance and less dust. As a manufacturer of transparent stone vertical grinding mill, today Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the application of transparent stone powder.



Maintenance of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a new type of grinding mill that replaces ball mills for processing powder. Its various technical indicators have reached relatively good levels and is highly praised by users in various industries. Therefore, the maintenance of Raymond mill is a very important task.



Advantages of Kaolin Vertical Grinding Mill

The advantages of kaolin vertical grinding mill are mainly reflected in key aspects such as stable material layer, efficient grinding and fine powder selection.



Kaolin Vertical Grinding Mill Production Line

The main structure of the kaolin vertical grinding mill production line is similar to the traditional raw meal vertical grinding mill. In order to adapt to the grinding of high-silica-aluminum materials such as kaolin, pyrophyllite, and white foam stone, the stable material layer, efficient grinding, and fine powder selection are the key features of the kaolin vertical mill production line. The core content of equipment design is also the key technical point.