Can Raymond mill grind the gold ore?

Release date: 2024-05-05

As a general grinding equipment, Raymond Roller Mill can be used to grind and crush non-metallic ores such as limestone, calcite, marble, feldspar, talc, quartz, gypsum, graphite, wollastonite, tungsten stone, phosphate rock and other non-metallic ores. So, can Raymond mill grind the gold ore?

Recently, representatives of a gold mining company learned from other thunder mill users of our company that the thunder grinders produced by Guilin Hongcheng are of good quality and cost-effective, but they have never been exposed to dry grinding gold mining equipment before. So they decided to come to Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to inspect the thunder mill equipment in person.

Can Raymond mill grind the gold ore?

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According to them, their company currently produces gold and no longer uses sodium cyanide, which was highly toxic and harmful to the environment in the past, to extract gold. Instead, it uses a new technology to crush large pieces of gold ore through a jaw crusher. The coarsely crushed gold ore is sent to the secondary crusher (impact crusher or cone crusher) by a belt conveyor for further crushing; the gold ore after being finely crushed to the size of peanuts and rice grains is transported to the main engine of the thunder mill by an elevator. It is ground inside, and the gold ore powder that meets the particle size requirements enters the finished product silo through a pipeline. The pulverized gold ore is then mixed with a non-toxic and harmless drug produced by their company, and finally the gold is prepared in a huge furnace.

According to the customer, the process of grinding gold ore into powder and then extracting gold with a thunder mill is a new gold mining and processing technology with great market development prospects. The customer visited our mill production process and technical flow in the workshop, and expressed great recognition of our company's R&D capabilities and company scale. He was very interested in the HC1700 large Raymond Roller Mill produced by our company and expressed a strong intention to cooperate. At present, the project has entered the negotiation of long-term cooperation details.

It can be seen that the gold ore processing with Raymond Mill has a good market potential. If you also have gold ore processing needs and want to learn about Raymond Mill equipment, please leave us a message to learn about the equipment details, or visit our factory or test grind with supplied materials.

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