Guilin Hongcheng tree planting theme activity

Release date: 2024-04-15

Recently, Guilin Hongcheng organized a tree planting activity with the theme of "Add new greenery to Baoshan and build a new Hongcheng together". This event aims to advocate the concept of green development, enhance employees' environmental awareness, and jointly add new green to Hongcheng Baoshan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, build a green factory, and protect a beautiful home.

At the event, Rong Xinguo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, delivered a wonderful speech. He emphasized that tree planting is not only a simple greening activity, but also a responsibility and a mission. It is our profound interpretation of Hongcheng's green development and our protection of our common home. He called on all employees to actively participate, practice the concept of green development with practical actions, and contribute to the green development and construction of Baoshan.

Subsequently, Hongcheng’s employees devoted themselves to tree planting activities. Everyone divided the work and cooperated, shoveling the soil, supporting the trees and seedlings, watering and fertilizing, and cultivating the new soil. The scene was busy and orderly.

Guilin Hongcheng tree planting theme activity

Through everyone's joint efforts, rows of newly planted saplings were neatly arranged. Hongcheng employees completed the tree planting with high efficiency and quality, adding new greenery to Baoshan.

Guilin Hongcheng tree planting theme activity

Hongcheng has always been committed to promoting green development. Through technological innovation and industrial upgrading, it develops and produces efficient and clean green grinding equipment to achieve a win-win situation of economic benefits and environmental protection!

"Building a new journey together" is not only our vision for a better future, but also our responsibility and mission. Hongcheng will continue to implement the concept of green sustainable development, contribute Hongcheng's strength to green development, and protect green waters and green mountains.

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