2023 Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment Exchange Conference

Release date: 2023-11-28

From November 22nd to 24th, the 2023 Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment Technology Exchange Conference (6th) co-organized by China Grinding Mill-HCM came to a successful conclusion.

2023 Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment Exchange Conference-China Grinding Mill

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In the context of "dual carbon", the comprehensive treatment and utilization of iron and steel metallurgical solid waste shoulders an important historical mission in achieving the national dual carbon goal. This exchange meeting aims to unite all walks of life and share the latest technological achievements, advanced experience, successful cases and future development trends in the comprehensive treatment and utilization of metallurgical solid waste. More than 200 people including relevant university professors, experts, business leaders, and business association representatives attended Attend meetings.

At 9 a.m. on November 23, the 2023 Iron and Steel Metallurgical Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment and Utilization Technology Exchange Conference (Sixth) officially kicked off.

Mr. Rong Xinguo, deputy general manager of Guilin Hongcheng, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. In his speech, he extended a warm welcome to the leading guests, experts and scholars who attended this meeting, and shared with everyone Hongcheng's advanced technology for high-value utilization, major scientific research projects, and industrial applications in the field of metallurgical solid waste.

As the host and co-organizer, Hongcheng representatives shared the high-efficiency processing technology of waste residue micron powder, green equipment and the application results of solid waste deep processing at the meeting. Hongcheng's equipment has been recognized by experts in the industry.

Big names in the industry gathered together for the academic feast. At the meeting, everyone discussed how to utilize solid waste as high-value resources. Industry leaders, experts and scholars gave their best advice, creating an academic feast. By exchanging technical results and discussing industry problems, innovative thinking on metallurgical solid waste was stimulated and the development of high-value metallurgical solid waste was promoted.

On November 24, after the exchange meeting was successfully concluded, the participating leaders, experts, and friends came to the Hongcheng factory for an on-site visit. Everyone visited large-scale casting bases, machining bases, parts centers and other places, focusing on the pilot research base for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the autonomous region. Everyone showed strong interest in Hongcheng's flour milling equipment and technology and spoke highly of it.

Hongcheng is deeply involved in the field of metallurgical solid waste treatment, making full use of its own product equipment, R&D technology and other advantages to overcome a number of research problems in key industrial solid waste technologies and their applications. In the future, Hongcheng will continue to use high-efficiency and energy-saving grinding equipment to assist the high-value utilization of metallurgical solid waste treatment, promote the scientific and technological progress of solid waste equipment, and contribute Hongcheng's strength to the comprehensive treatment of metallurgical solid waste and green and low-carbon development.

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