HC Series Large Size Mill

The HC series large grinding mill is a large Raymond mill, a large pendulum mill. The output is 30-40% higher than that of traditional Raymond mill. It is a product with the advanced technology, it has obtained several patents, designed by our engineers, it has advantages such as higher efficiency, high output, low consumption and environment friendly. With a capacity greater than 90T/H. HC series mill is especially suitable for large-scale powder processing in industries such as power plant desulfurization and manganese mining.

Max feeding size:30-40mm

Capacity: 3-90t/h

Fineness: 38-180μm


The integral base has solid and reliable structure and strong earthquake resistance, which improves the stability and reliability of equipment operation.
The distribution of raw materials is uniform, which improves the efficiency of the grinding unit, further increases production and extends the life of wear parts.
The pulse dust collection system has a strong dust removal effect, with a dust collection efficiency of up to 99.9%, which is more suitable for dust collection conditions with high concentration of dust and high humidity.
The new structure is compact, reasonable and reliable. The grinding ring can be maintained and repaired without disassembly, which reduces maintenance time.
Combined cover structure, no need to disassemble other parts when replacing the grinding roller, maintenance and repair are simpler and more convenient.
Using unique wear-resistant high-chromium alloy material technology, it is more suitable for high-frequency heavy-load crushing and grinding conditions, and the service life is nearly 3 times longer than the industry standard.
The multi-layer structure is used to ensure the sealing of the grinding roller device (patent number CN200820113450.1): it can effectively prevent dust from entering, and be filled with lubricant once 500-800 hours, greatly reduce the time and maintenance cost.

Structure and Principle

The HC series large size mill is a technological revolution in the pendulum mill industry. It is a replacement product of the traditional Raymond mill. The output is 30-40% higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill machine. HC series large-scale mill is composed of main mill, classifier, dust collector and other components. The main engine adopts an integral casting base structure, and a shock-absorbing base can be used. The classification system adopts the structure of turbine classifier, and the collection system adopts pulse collection.

Process flow: The raw materials are transported to the lower hopper by the forklift, crushed to below 40mm by the crusher, and lifted to the front storage hopper mill by the elevator; when the material is discharged from the hopper, the feeder will evenly send the material to the main mill for grinding. Qualified products in the crushing process are classified by the classifier, and then enter the pulse dust collector through the pipeline.

After being collected by the pulse dust collector, the powders are discharged through the discharge port at the lower end of the pulse dust collector. Unified delivery to the powder bin.

This system is designed as an open-loop system, the dust collection is full pulse collection, the pulse collection efficiency is 99.9%, the production capacity of the mill will increase inevitably, and it is more environment-friendly. The powder production capacity of the large size HC series unit mill is relatively large and cannot be packed manually, and it needs to be transported to the powder storage tank before packing.


Technical parameter

ModelNumber of rollsGrinding ring diameter(mm)Feed Size(mm)Fineness(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)

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