HLMX calcium oxide ultrafine vertical mill

The owner of the calcium oxide ultrafine vertical mill project has abundant and good quality limestone resources, which is a very good raw material for the production of calcium oxide. Proprietary calcium oxide powder is mainly used as a filler for architectural coatings, environmentally friendly latex paint, waterproof putty, sewage treatment and other fields. The customer's plant is equipped with a HLMX1100 ultrafine  vertical mill, which is used to produce 325-1500 mesh calcium oxide powder. With 1250 mesh D97, the production capacity can reach 6 tons per hour.

Model and equipment number: 1 ultrafine vertical mills HLMX1100

processing material: calcium oxide

Fineness: 325-1500 mesh

Capacity: D97 mesh 325, 15-18T / h; D97 mesh 600, 10-12T / h; D97 mesh 800, 8-10T / h

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