A Production Line of Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill in Southeast Asia

HCH1395 Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate  Grinding Mill and HLMX Ultra-fine Calcium Carbonate Vertical Grinding Mill manufactured by  HCM (Guilin Hongcheng) have created a considerable value for customers in the aspect of capacity, fineness, quality of finished products.

Model and equipment number: 6 sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill,1 set  of HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill

processing material: calcium carbonate

Fineness: 8um D97 (HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 12 um (HLMX Series Superfine Grinding Vertical Mill)

Capacity: 200,000 tons (6 Sets of HCH1395 Ultra-fine Grinding Mill), 50,000 tons (1 Set of HLMX Series Superfine Vertical Grinding Mill)

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