What is Kaolin


Kaolin is a common clay mineral in nature, and it is also a very important non-metallic mineral. Pure kaolin is white and delicate, smooth and soft, with good plasticity, fire resistance, suspension, adsorption and other physical properties.

The use of Kaolin


1. Paper industry:

Kaolin is used in paper making, which can give the paper good coating performance and good coating gloss performance. It can also increase the whiteness, opacity, smoothness, and printability of the paper, greatly improving the quality of the paper.

2.Ceramic industry:

Kaolin is used in the field of ceramics, which is beneficial for the formation of mullite and improves its chemical stability and resistance to sintering.

3.Petrochemical industry:

Kaolin can be used as catalyst filler for petroleum cracking. Kaolin has a high purity, which is beneficial for the manufacture of catalyst carriers.

4.Paint industry:

The main role of kaolin in paint is filler and substitute for pigments.

5.Agriculture field:

The application of an aqueous solution of kaolin on fruit trees, cereals, vegetables and other agricultural fields can greatly reduce production costs and reduce pesticide residues on crops.


Kaolin milling process


The composition of Kaolin raw materials


Kaolin Powder Making Equipment Selection Program

Fineness325 mesh600-2000 mesh
ModelVertical mill or Raymond mill

Stage 1: Crushing of raw materials

The material is crushed by the crusher to the fineness that can enter the mill(15mm-50mm).

Stage 2: Grinding

The crushed small pieces of material are sent to the storage hopper through the elevator,and then sent to the grinding chamber of the mill evenly and quantitatively through the feeder for grinding.

Stage 3:Classification

Through classification, the coarse powder will return to main mill to grind again.

Stage 4:Collection of finished products

The powder that meets the fineness enters the dust collector through the pipeline with the air flow for separation and collection, and the collected finished powder is sent to the finished product silo by the conveying device through the discharge port, and then is packaged uniformly.


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