HLF Series Fine Powder Separator

The HLF fine powder separator adopts the aerodynamic analysis method, the suspension breaking separation technology, the horizontal eddy current classification technology, and the cyclone separation and collection technology of the rotor powder separator. The fineness is easy to adjust in the range of 200~500 mesh, the fine powder has high purity, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which can greatly improve the output of the mill system.

The product is suitable for the production of cement, desulfurized calcium-based powder, aged soil, titanium ore, slag powder, calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate and fly ash separation production.



Suspension separation and dispersion technology

After the material is crushed and separated in the separation bin, it enters the powder selection area, and the dispersion effect is good.


Internal circulation collection technology

The use of high-efficiency, low-resistance and multi-channel separators are distributed around the main body of the classifier, which effectively simplifies the system process, reduces the load and requirements of the subsequent dust collector, and reduces the one-time investment and installed capacity. of the system.


Coarse Dust Secondary Air Separation Technology

A secondary air separation device for coarse powder is installed at the bottom of the coarse powder ash hopper of the classifier, and the coarse powder falling into the ash hopper is cleaned twice, so that the fine powder attached coarse powder can be classified to improve powder selection efficiency.


Efficient, wear-resistant and energy-saving technology

The dust selection efficiency can reach 90%, and all the wear parts are made of abrasive materials and anti-wear treatment, with long service life and low maintenance cost. There is an eddy current adjusting device on the rotor, which effectively reduces power loss and wear.


Horizontal Vortex Sorting Technology

The powder selection airflow enters the powder feeding area through the rotor blades horizontally and tangentially to form a stable and uniform rotating vortex airflow. In the horizontal vortex powder selection area and rotating rotor, a strong centrifugal powder separation force field is formed with stable internal and external pressure difference to make the material can achieve accurate classification.

production operation


Into the finished product warehouse elevator -> finished product spiral -> residual air pulse bottom valve spiral -> classifier -> fan -> residual air pulse fan -> pulse controller -> cylinder screen -> elevator -> open digestion system


Stop digestion system -> elevator -> cylinder screen -> residual air pulse fan -> classifier -> fan -> residual air pulse bottom valve screw -> finished product screw -> into the finished product warehouse elevator -> pulse controller

Equipment operation and maintenance

In order to ensure the long-term efficient and safe operation of the powder separator, daily maintenance of the powder separator should be carried out.

1. Lubricating oil should be added regularly to fan bearings and powder separator bearings to ensure that each lubrication point is fully lubricated. The bearing refueling of the powder separator shall not be less than 2 times per shift (8 hours), and the amount of refueling per shift shall not be less than 250 grams.

2. The temperature of each bearing must not exceed 60°C.

3. Always pay attention to the balance of the powder separator. If abnormal vibration is found, it should be stopped in time for inspection and elimination.

4. Ensure that each heavy hammer flap valve has a sensitive action and a good air lock effect. Adjust the air volume of the residual air pulse fan according to the digested water content of calcium hydroxide, prevent the condensation of water vapor in the system, and prevent the calcium hydroxide powder from sticking to the rotor, pipes, etc.

5. When adjusting the fineness of calcium hydroxide, adjust the fan damper as little as possible, and adjust the spindle speed to achieve this.

Notes on using the device

1. Fineness adjustment generally uses rotor speed adjustment, try not to adjust the air volume.

2. The system should be well sealed, pay special attention to the outlet of fine powder and coarse powder, and an air lock device must be added.

3. The powder separator has high efficiency and small circulation load.

4. Strengthen operational management.

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