HCQ Series Calcium Hydroxide Digestion System

Industrial grade calcium hydroxide production
The power consumption of using the HCQ digestion system to produce industrial grade calcium hydroxide is outstanding among many equipment and similar production line equipment. The electricity consumption for the production of calcium hydroxide is 18-23 kWh/t. (depending on the difference in the available calcium oxide content)

Selection of raw materials for calcium hydroxide production
Metallurgical lime is not recommended for further processing. The production of deep-processed lime such as calcium hydroxide and calcium ash powder must meet the deep-processing standards.



Control System

Variety of setting modes 1.Manual control; 2.Automatic control;3.Manual and automatic dual control mode; 4.Intelligent water distribution system

Dust Collection Result

Dual dust collector, including water dust filter and pulse bag. The dust removal efficiency can reach ≤5mg/m3, which is more environmentally friendly.

Pre-digestive system

The pre-digestive blade is made of wear-resistant detachable alloy bushing for long time wear and an easy replacement. Optimized single shaft achieves the uniform dispersion effect of the two shafts, reduces the possibility of shaft breakage. Abnormal blackout or shutdown, no need to clean manually, improve site environment. You can start the machine again.

Digestive system

With pre-digestion function, it maintains high temperature for constant temperature digestion, takes up little space, the capacity is 10% larger than that of similar household equipment, and the effective length is 50% longer, digestion is more sufficient.

Homogenization system

Increases the spray degree of calcium hydroxide. Reduce the temperature of the finished calcium hydroxide.

hot water digestion

Effectively use the heat generated in the digestion process to heat the water temperature of the system to about 80 ℃ to speed up the digestion speed and the milling rate. The digestion length reaches 35-40 meters, and the digestion is more thorough.

matters needing attention

  1. Before starting the machine, check the normal maintenance of the motor pulley belt, reducer lubricating oil, etc.

  2. Feeding, the feeding at startup starts from the minimum amount of 30-50% of the designed capacity. After adding water, start adding water 1-2 minutes after adding the material, and the ratio of starting to add water is from low to high. Increase the water from 20% to around 48%. Select the appropriate water ratio according to the lime condition.

  3. The maximum feeding amount is the appropriate amount to fill the digestion screw shaft with the dissolved ash.

  4. The digester no-load stream is similar to the load stream and there is little change. When the load current is greater than 20% to 30% of the no-load current, the entire system should be inspected.

  5. Be sure to follow the principle of stopping water first and then stopping the material, and gradually reduce the amount of water added half an hour before the shutdown, and reduce the output to less than half of the normal production in the digester after the shutdown.

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