HC Serie Digestor

HC series digester is mainly used to digest quicklime powder from slaked lime. You can also digest quicklime in milk of lime. It is divided into two types: single shaft stirring and double shaft stirring. The principle of slaked lime digester is that when the device sprays water on the quicklime in the digester according to a certain amount of water supply, by rotating the wear-resistant mixing blade, the quicklime is strongly stirred in the mixing tank and gradually dissolves, digests, matures and homogenizes.



Precise water distribution system

An intelligent water distribution system independently developed by Hongcheng. This system will allocate the water precisely based on the specific gravity of the quicklime as it enters.

unmanned production

Using PLC automatic control, eliminate some shortcomings of the original old manual control, and strengthen quality control ability. Greatly improves product quality.

hot water digestion

The hot water digestion configuration is a heat exchange collection system independently developed by our company, which can convert the heat energy in the lime digestion process into hot water and digest it.

Technical data

HCX4-64-62×8×1.426Series 1, 2
HCX6-86-82.8×8×1.433Series 1, 2
HCX8-108-102.8×10×1.441Series 1, 2
HCX10-1210-12Series 1: 1.2×6×1.2
Series 2: 2.8×10×1.4
59Series 2, 4
HCX12-1512-152.4×10×366Series 3, 5

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