HC Calcium Hydroxide Special Mill

High Reliability: Vertical pendulum grinding roller device, advanced and reasonable structure. The machine has very little vibration, low noise, stable mechanical operation and reliable performance. Environmental protection: The remaining air outlet of the mill is equipped with a pulse dust collector, and its dust collection efficiency reaches 99.9%. High efficiency and energy saving: With the same total power as the R-type mill, the output has increased by more than 40%, and the unit energy consumption cost has been saved by more than 30%.


Advanced and reasonable structure. The machine has low vibration, low noise, stable operation and reliable performance. Through the practical application of the market, good social and economic benefits have been obtained.
The entire system is sealed and operated under full negative pressure, with no dust spillage, and basically makes a dust free workshop.
Processing capacity and efficiency per unit of grinding time are higher. Compared with the traditional machine, the unit energy consumption cost is reduced by more than 50%.
Make sure the particle size of the finished product is uniform and fine, and can easily adjust the fineness of the finished product between 80-800 mesh.
The purity of calcium hydroxide powder can be adjusted arbitrarily (according to the quality of raw materials)

Complete set of equipment

The material enters the calcium hydroxide powder mill from the screw feeder, and after being ground by the internal vertebral body, it decelerates and rises along the annular channel between the external vertebral body and the internal vertebral body. In the coarse powder receiving barrel to realize gravity separation.The air after gravity separation forms a stable horizontal vortex separation area between the air guide vanes and the rotor under the action of the air guide vanes. guide and rotor rotation.

The materials are fed from the inlet of the calcium hydroxide powder mill, and the materials are evenly classified by the first stage rotary classifying machine.

Dust particles moving in the dust separation vortex will be simultaneously affected by gravity, wind and rotating centrifugal force. The small and light particles are sucked into the rotor with the air flow and enter the cyclone collector through the four-way air chamber, and most of the finished fine powder is separated. , The air after dust collection is discharged from the central duct of the cyclone dust collector and enters the dust collection equipment of the next level.

Coarse and heavy particles fall and are collected in the coarse dust collector through the inner cone.

Changing the speed of the rotor can effectively adjust the fineness of the finished product.

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