What is the use of calcium hydroxide

Release date: 2023-05-17

Calcium hydroxide is commonly known as slaked lime, also known as slaked lime, which is a common chemical product in life. The main raw material for its production is limestone, which is fired into calcium oxide and then digested with water to form calcium hydroxide. So, what are the uses of calcium hydroxide? As a manufacturer of calcium hydroxide grinding mills production line, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce you in detail today.

What is the use of calcium hydroxide -Calcium Hydroxide Grinding Mill

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Calcium hydroxide is widely used in production and life, such as environmental protection neutralizer, acid wastewater, sewage treatment, boiler flue gas desulfurization, chemical raw materials, additives, additives, fillers, tanning, metallurgy, coatings, petroleum lubricants, papermaking , food, medicine, feed, etc. Other uses such as stone cutting aids, soil stabilizers, concrete conditioners, chemical reagents, gypsum board caulking coagulants, building adhesive ingredients, calcium alkyl sulfonates, pharmaceutical antacids, astringents, hard water softeners , plastic fibers, etc. As a strong alkaline agent to neutralize acidic wastewater or heavy metal wastewater, make acidic wastewater neutral; absorb S02 in boiler flue gas, so that the sulfur content of exhausted flue gas meets environmental protection standards; it can help coagulation of colloidal particles in wastewater, It can also be used as a particle nucleus weighting agent to accelerate the separation of insoluble matter; it can effectively remove anions such as phosphate, sulfate and fluoride ions, and can destroy the combination of complexing agents such as sulfamate or chelating agents to some metal ions. The pH value has the effect of destabilizing and demulsifying the emulsion wastewater.

Calcium hydroxide products are mainly divided into chemical reagent grade, pharmaceutical grade, food grade, and industrial grade. Various types of calcium hydroxide are used as follows:

1. Chemical reagent grade calcium hydroxide is mainly used for scientific research and development. Its quality is high, its content is high, and its price is very expensive. (1) Calcium hydroxide is used in wastewater to neutralize free acid in wastewater. (2) Calcium hydroxide is used in wastewater to neutralize acidic salts in wastewater. (3) Calcium hydroxide is used in wastewater, where hydroxide ions in calcium hydroxide can react with metal ions to produce water-insoluble precipitates. (4) Calcium hydroxide is used in wastewater to adjust the pH value of wastewater to alkaline, which can better precipitate metal hydroxides.

2. Pharmaceutical grade and food grade calcium hydroxide are widely used in the synthesis of medicine and food additives, the synthesis of high-tech biological materials HA, the synthesis of VC phosphate esters of feed additives, the synthesis of food konjac, calcium preparations, calcium naphthenate, and lactic acid Calcium, calcium citrate additives in the sugar industry, water treatment and synthesis of other high-grade organic chemicals. Due to its strong activity and loose structure, calcium hydroxide is widely used as a food additive. Medicine shows that calcium deficiency in the human body can cause a series of physiological problems, such as: hypertension, osteoporosis, calculus and other diseases, calcium hydroxide can be used as the main raw material for the synthesis of calcium agents and calcium cyclopropanate and calcium lactate.

3. Industrial-grade calcium hydroxide is mainly used as an environmental protection neutralizer, acid waste water, sewage treatment, boiler flue gas desulfurization and housing construction. (1) It is used in agriculture to reduce soil acidity and improve soil structure; the pesticide Bordeaux mixture is prepared in a certain proportion with lime milk and copper sulfate aqueous solution. This sky-blue viscous suspension pesticide for fruit trees and vegetables destroys pests and diseases through the copper element in it. Wherein it not only utilizes the property that calcium hydroxide can react with copper sulfate, but also utilizes the characteristic that calcium hydroxide is slightly soluble in water to make the medicinal liquid viscous, which is beneficial for the medicinal liquid to adhere to the plant branches and leaves. (2) The specific application of calcium hydroxide in flue gas desulfurization is mainly used to neutralize acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide and a small part of fluorine ion and chlorine ion, so that the sulfur content of exhaust flue gas meets environmental protection standards. (3) The application of calcium hydroxide in coatings. Calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to produce calcium carbonate, which is white and hard to aid coagulation.

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