Processing and Utilization of Perlite - Vertical Grinding Mill

Release date: 2023-05-18

The perlite mineral industry is an emerging energy-saving material industry. In the past five years, the global perlite market has continued to develop, with an average annual growth rate of 4% to 5%. The comprehensive development of perlite mineral resources and the improvement of its comprehensive utilization value are urgent problems to be solved in the perlite mineral industry. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of perlite mills. The perlite vertical grinding mill we produce provides equipment assistance for the processing and utilization of perlite ore. Today, I will introduce you to the processing and utilization of perlite ore.

Processing and Utilization of Perlite-Vertical Grinding Mill

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1. Processing of perlite: According to different processing degrees, perlite products can be divided into four categories: perlite raw ore, perlite ore, expanded perlite and surface-treated expanded perlite.

(1) Perlite ore processing: The beneficiation process of perlite is very simple, usually crushing, grading and drying. The general process of crushing and screening is: raw ore-coarse crushing-screening-intermediate crushing-secondary screening-coarse ore-screening-fine ore.

(2) Processing of expanded perlite: The processing process of expanded perlite is: raw material - jaw breaking - hammer breaking - screening - preheating - roasting - finished product.

(3). Surface-treated expanded perlite processing: perlite raw ore is finely pulverized by perlite vertical mill, superfine pulverized and surface chemically treated to become a mineral filler with certain functions, which can be used in rubber and plastic industries. The surface chemical modification process of perlite powder is as follows: perlite powder-heating and stirring-modification aid-heating drying-silane coupling agent-screening and particle removal-modified perlite powder. The production process of hydrophobic expanded perlite is similar to that of expanded perlite. When the perlite sand enters the expansion zone together with the airflow, the remaining heat is used to directly spray waterproofing agent on the expanded perlite particles, and then enter the separator and silo. It is formed by aging into a film.

(4). Use perlite to prepare silicate metal solution: use sodium hydroxide solution, at 150'C, the liquid-solid ratio is 0.9, and heat for 1 hour to prepare industrially used sodium silicate solution.

2. Utilization of perlite ore: Perlite is widely used in various fields. The dominant use of perlite ore at home and abroad is to produce expanded perlite and its products.

(1) Utilization of expanded perlite: expanded perlite can replace fly ash in concrete; in addition, expanded perlite can be added to building materials to play a role in flame retardancy. The thermal insulation riser made of expanded perlite composite material has a process yield of 69%, which is 12% higher than that of ordinary risers, saving molten steel and reducing costs. Hydrophobic expanded perlite can be directly used for roof insulation and outer wall interlayer filling insulation, without the need for plastic film or bitumen-treated kraft paper to pack it. In addition, expanded perlite can also be used in the production of decorative and sound-absorbing materials and perlite filter aids.

(2) Utilization of perlite tailings: In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the utilization of perlite tailings, and there are many types of new products developed, mainly in the following aspects: perlite tailings sintered perlite ceramsite and ceramsite: in In ordinary brick and tile kilns, perlite tailings powder can be fired into high-quality perlite ceramsite and ceramsite. It is used as light aggregate for building thermal insulation and water treatment filter material. When used as light aggregate for building thermal insulation, it can be used for load-bearing or non-load-bearing building envelope structures and products. When used as filter material for water treatment, because of its large porosity and large specific surface area, wide particle size range, good adsorption performance, and strong ability to retain impurities in water, it is an updated variety of quartz sand or anthracite traditional filter material.

(3) Utilization of perlite powder: Perlite is processed into polishing powder. The performance index of the abrasive, the sensory pass rate of one-time grinding and the distribution range of gloss are all better than No. 325 abrasive.

(4) Application of perlite in environmental protection: TiO2/EP photocatalyst (can degrade about 95% of decane) prepared by dip-coating and sintering method with expanded perlite as carrier. It can float on the water surface for a long time, it is easy to spread in a large area, and it is easy to intercept and recycle, so it has practical development value. The experiment of perlite adsorption of Cd in aqueous solution shows that when the pH is 6, the adsorption equilibrium is reached after 6 hours, and the removal rate of Cd reaches 55% (the maximum adsorption capacity of 331 perlite for chlorophenol in the solution is 5.84mg/g. The COD adsorption rate in wastewater can reach 94%. Perlite and expanded perlite can remove anion fuel in solution. Expanded perlite can replace cellulose and other materials to clean leaked oil.

When perlite ore is processed and utilized, it is often necessary to use a perlite grinding mill to crush perlite. Therefore, perlite vertical grinding mill has also become an important equipment for perlite ore processing and utilization. The perlite vertical grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng can process 80-2500 mesh perlite powder, which provides good equipment for the processing and utilization of perlite ore. If you have the processing and utilization needs of perlite ore, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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