Production Process of Pyrophyllite Micropowder Equipment

Release date: 2023-05-16

Pyrophyllite is a non-metallic mineral with high economic value, and it has a wide range of applications. Processing pyrophyllite into fine powder has remarkable economic benefits. As a manufacturer of pyrophyllite mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce the production process of pyrophyllite micro-powder equipment for you today. The pyrophyllite micropowder prepared by the method not only has stable composition and small fluctuation, but also has high production efficiency, and is suitable for mass production of pyrophyllite micropowder.

Production Process of Pyrophyllite Micropowder Equipment-Vertical Roller Mill

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Pyrophyllite is an important raw material for the manufacture of glass fiber. Due to the rapid development of the glass fiber industry, the demand for pyrophyllite is increasing, especially for the uniformity and batch requirements of pyrophyllite powder. At present, the grinding of pyrophyllite is mainly processed by Raymond mill production line. This processing technology mainly has the following disadvantages: 1. Due to the limitation of the structure of Raymond mill itself, the processing efficiency per unit time is low, and the processing batch is small, so it is difficult to Adapt to the needs of large quantities; 2. Due to the different origins of pyrophyllite ores, their composition varies greatly, even between different batches of pyrophyllite ores mined from the same mine. The production line simply crushes and grinds pyrophyllite, which leads to large fluctuations and instability in the composition of pyrophyllite micropowder, and ultimately leads to unstable quality of glass fiber products. Under this premise, Guilin Hongcheng combines years of experience in research and development and manufacturing of mills, researches and develops and transforms on the basis of the existing vertical grinding mill process, and launches a new type of vertical mill for HLM pyrophyllite, and has a successful operation case in the market. Today, I will give you a specific introduction to the production process of pyrophyllite micro-powder equipment, and compare and analyze the process of Raymond mill.

Production process of pyrophyllite micropowder equipment:

1) Sampling pyrophyllite ores from different origins or different batches to detect their components, and determine the mixing ratio according to the detected components, and send them to the crusher for pre-mixing and coarse crushing;

2) Send the above-mentioned coarsely crushed ore into the storage warehouse, and detect the composition of the ore in each storage warehouse, and the above-mentioned storage warehouse is equipped with an automatic batching device;

3) Control the automatic batching device for automatic weighing, matching and mixing according to the composition of the ore in each storage warehouse detected in step 2, and continuously send the matched ore into the vertical mill for grinding;

4) Send the qualified powder in step 3 into the pneumatic homogenization bin, which is equipped with a pneumatic homogenization device, and the powder can be fully homogenized in the pneumatic homogenization bin Prepare the required pyrophyllite micropowder.

The production process of the vertical roller mill pyrophyllite powder equipment is to pre-mix and match the ores of different components according to the requirements of the finished powder product before coarse crushing and grinding, so as to realize the dynamic control of the components in the production and significantly improve the composition uniformity and quality of the finished pyrophyllite powder. Preventing its composition from fluctuating, and ensuring the quality of subsequent glass fiber production; the grinding process is completed by a vertical mill. Compared with the Raymond mill used in the past, the vertical mill has the advantages of high grinding efficiency and large output. The processing batch is doubled, and the product processing fineness is easy to adjust, the noise is small, the floor space is small, and the maintenance is convenient; finally, the pyrophyllite powder after the vertical mill is sent to the pneumatic homogenization bin for pneumatic homogenization. Fully mixing the fine pyrophyllite powder can further improve the quality uniformity of the finished product. If you have requirements for the production process of pyrophyllite micro-powder equipment, please leave us a message for details.

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