What Equipment Can Grind Slaked Lime

Release date: 2022-12-15

What equipment can grind slaked lime, also known as calcium hydroxide? The professional calcium hydroxide production line equipment has high production efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction, and has been favored and loved by customers in this field. As a manufacturer, Hongcheng customizes the equipment for the production of slaked lime for customers, please leave a message for details.


HCQ Series Calcium Hydroxide Digestion System, welcome to leave a message or consult [email protected]

1. Selection of equipment for producing slaked lime

Calcium hydroxide is an inorganic compound called slaked lime or slaked lime. There are industrial grade calcium hydroxide and coating grade calcium hydroxide. It is obtained in the fields of environmental protection sewage treatment, sludge conditioning, flue gas desulfurization, feed addition, and dye Wide range of applications. For the production of slaked lime, Guilin Hongcheng provides high-quality calcium hydroxide production line equipment for the industry to help the project run efficiently and create value.

The calcium hydroxide production line is mainly composed of HCQ series calcium hydroxide digestion system, HCLM slag mill, HLM series fine powder separator and other departments. After market research, the calcium hydroxide production line has been highly recognized, not only breaking through Traditional disadvantages, realize intelligent water distribution, PLC automatic control, and small footprint, which is conducive to improving the pulverization degree of calcium hydroxide. It is a professional equipment with remarkable energy saving effect, high output and low energy consumption.

2. Hongcheng provides tailor-made services

Different powder production projects require different powder fineness and production capacity. Guilin Hongcheng is a professional manufacturer. Combined with the production needs of the project, Hongcheng's solution team cooperates closely to formulate a reasonable selection and configuration plan , to provide professional calcium hydroxide production line solutions for customers. According to customer feedback, the Hongcheng team has rich experience and is responsible for customers. When formulating the selection plan, it is deeply integrated with the customer's production needs, and customizes a professional selection and configuration plan for customers, thereby bringing greater market value.

What manufacturers produce slaked lime equipment? After the above description, do customers and friends have a deeper understanding of the professional mill equipment produced by Hongcheng Mine? Welcome customers and friends to visit the manufacturing base of calcium hydroxide production line for more information.

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