Potassium feldspar grinding powder production line

Release date: 2022-10-21

What mills can be used to grind potassium feldspar ore? Which manufacturer's potassium feldspar grinding powder production line is reasonably configured and the technological process is more scientific? To understand the whole problem, you need to first understand Guilin Hongcheng, a well-known enterprise in Guangxi. This is a professional manufacturer of mill equipment, with strong strength, rich experience and superb technology. The mill equipment provided includes Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill, ultra-fine vertical mill and other equipment. It can be said that it is a professional equipment for creating benefits for the potassium feldspar mine project.

Potassium feldspar grinding powder production line

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1. What is the configuration of the potassium feldspar grinding powder production line?

What kind of mill equipment does Guilin Hongcheng provide for grinding potassium feldspar? In fact, what kind of pulverizer is needed to grind potassium feldspar ore, and it is necessary to know what fineness and production capacity the customer is grinding. Only by understanding these requirements clearly can we introduce reasonable mill equipment according to the needs of the project.

The environment-friendly and noise-reducing Raymond mill equipment can be used to grind 80-400 mesh powder. As a potassium feldspar customer, you can choose this environmentally friendly Raymond mill to grind powder in this range. Guilin Hongcheng's Raymond mill is a new type of grinding equipment based on the traditional R-type mill. It has the advantages of high output and efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction, cost reduction and production improvement.

The configuration of this potassium feldspar grinding powder production line mainly includes the main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system, collection system and other components. It has a number of patented technologies, which can greatly increase production capacity. It is an exclusive equipment that can effectively improve the unit production capacity of a single equipment and reduce energy consumption.

Guilin Hongcheng new pendulum mill-HC series vertical pendulum mill

[Diameter of grinding ring]: 1000-1700mm

[Production capacity: 1-25t/h

[Finished particle]: 22-180μm

[Product Features]: This mill is a new type of milling equipment based on the technical innovation of the pendulum mill. It greatly improves the user's equipment efficiency in terms of production capacity and unit energy consumption, and reduces the energy consumption per unit output, very popular in the field of non-metallic mineral processing.

[Focus field]: Focus on coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, marble, etc. Mohs hardness below 7, humidity below 6% The non-metallic mineral grinding and processing, the product has a number of patented technologies, the performance is more advanced.

2. How about the potassium feldspar Raymond mill process?

What is the process flow of raymond mill in potassium feldspar mine? In terms of the system, it can include four parts: crushing, grinding, grading and collecting powder. Crusher can be used to crush the raw ore into a particle size that meets the specifications, and the material is quantitatively delivered by the feeder Grinding is carried out in the main machine cavity, and the material is thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and is crushed and ground due to the rolling of the grinding roller. The ground material is blown by the air flow to the classifier above the main machine for sieving, and the powder that has passed the fineness will fall into the main machine for regrinding, and the powder that meets the fineness will be collected by the collector to become the finished product.

The above is a brief description of the configuration and process flow of the potassium feldspar grinding powder production line by professional manufacturer Guilin Hongcheng. Customers and friends who want to know more about the Raymond mills, vertical mills, ultra-fine mills and other equipment are welcome to come to the factory to learn more about the details, get the selection plan and product quotation.

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