Introduction to the principle of magnesium oxide grinding mill

Release date: 2023-08-25

In the production of magnesium oxide, crushing is the last process. Because the calcined magnesium oxide itself is a fine powder, it is relatively easy to crush, and the method of crushing is often not taken seriously. As everyone knows, the crushing of magnesium oxide is closely related to its quality. The chemical properties of magnesium oxide are unstable. During the grinding process, it is easy to absorb moisture in the air and stick to the equipment, causing a series of problems such as blockage and production reduction. Compared with other materials, it is more difficult to process. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of magnesium oxide grinding mill, will introduce you to the principle of magnesium oxide mill today.

Introduction to the principle of magnesium oxide grinding mill-Raymond mill hc1500

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There are two main types of magnesium oxide crushing equipment used by manufacturers in the past, one is brush screen machine. One is the airflow winnowing pulverizer. The brush screen machine cannot crush hot materials, the screen is easily damaged and not easy to be found, and the fineness cannot be guaranteed, so few people use it. The air flow air separator has high output, can crush hot material, and the fineness can be guaranteed. At present, there are many manufacturers using it. But there are also many disadvantages. The main performances are as follows: 

①The content of MgO decreases after pulverization, and the jet pulverization uses air as the carrier, with an average of 10~15m' of air per kilogram of light magnesium oxide. Under normal circumstances, the unsaturated water vapor content in the air is 0.01~0.02kgH2O /m' air (the air humidity is higher in rainy weather), that is, every 1 kg of magnesia crushed can contact the air containing 0.1~0.2 kg of water vapor. Practice has proved that after jet milling, the magnesium oxide content can be reduced by 1~3% on average. 

② Pulverizers and pipelines are prone to wall formation. Light magnesium oxide powder has strong adhesion and agglomeration, especially in the case of high air humidity, the wall formation phenomenon is more serious. The wall formation not only causes the loss and waste of magnesium oxide, but also the peeled wall pieces are very hard and are easily mixed into the finished product, resulting in high sieve residue and affecting the use of users. When the wall is serious, it will lead to the clogging of the pulverizer, the decrease of output and the increase of power consumption. 

③The bulk density of magnesium oxide increased, and the apparent specific volume decreased. The light magnesium oxide sintered from basic carbonic acid, because the magnesium carbonate decomposes to release CO and crystallization water, the sintered magnesia forms a hollow grid chrysanthemum-shaped structure. So the aspect ratio is very high. However, after being pulverized by high-speed catastrophe, part of the hollow grid structure is destroyed, which will lead to an increase in the density of the finished magnesium oxide and a decrease in the apparent specific volume.

In view of the disadvantages of the above traditional magnesia grinding equipment, Guilin Hongcheng, as a magnesia grinding machine manufacturer, launched the HC series pendulum grinding machine, which has become an ideal magnesia grinding machine with advanced technology. The principle of HC magnesia mill: raw materials with suitable particle size are fed into the main machine through the feeding mechanism (vibration/belt/screw feeder or lock air feeder, etc.); Rolling on the grinding ring, the shovel scoops up the material and sends it to the grinding area formed by the grinding set and the grinding ring. The material is crushed into powder under the action of the rolling pressure; under the action of the fan, the ground material It is blown up and passes through the sorting machine, and those that meet the fineness requirements pass through the sorting machine, and those that fail to meet the requirements are stopped by the sorting machine, and return to the grinding chamber to continue grinding. In view of the viscosity of magnesium oxide, we have carried out professional treatment and process optimization design for the equipment: the pipeline is sprayed with special substances, and the circulating air of the system is increased to reduce the viscosity of the material; Improve the clogging of the mill. In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the production line is equipped with a centralized control system: through the centralized electrification system, the overall operation link can be clearly grasped to save labor costs; through the equipment intelligent control system, the equipment operation status can be precisely controlled to improve production efficiency. After the above modification, the HC magnesia mill produced by us has the following advantages:

1. The closed-circuit air circulation reduces the fresh air introduced, so that the magnesia alkali reduces the chance of contacting the water vapor in the air, and can ensure that the magnesia content does not decrease or decreases very little.

2. The pipeline is sprayed with special substances, which can better overcome the blockage of the pulverizer and pipeline wall, avoid the waste of magnesium oxide wall and the unqualified phenomenon of magnesium oxide sieve residue due to peeling wall pieces.

3. The crushing operation has a high degree of automation, because it is operated under a slight negative pressure, the amount of dust in the environment is small, the loss of magnesium oxide flying is small, and the recovery rate is high.

5. It can effectively separate mechanical impurities and "dead burned" magnesium oxide lumps, so that the finished magnesium oxide has lower hydrochloric acid insolubles and better activity.

Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of magnesium oxide mills, adopts the EPC general contracting plan and cooperates with the "one-to-one" project manager system to help customers carry out project operations throughout the cycle, program design, production line construction, personnel training, and after-sales service... Solve the worries of customers in an all-round way. If you have the purchase needs of magnesium oxide mill, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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