What equipment is used to process calcium carbonate powder

Release date: 2023-08-28

Heavy calcium carbonate is a kind of calcite, chalk, marble and other ores as raw materials, which are produced by mechanical crushing. It has the characteristics of wide source of raw materials, high whiteness, low oil absorption value, good applicability, and low price. It is currently the most widely used and used inorganic non-metallic mineral powder product. At present, the fine processing technology of heavy calcium carbonate is mainly based on grinding mill grinding and surface modification, in order to process products that meet the fineness requirements of different application fields, including fine powder, ultrafine powder, surface modification (active) There are more than ten kinds of special ground calcium carbonate products with different fineness and surface modification and activation, such as powder and ultrafine pulp for papermaking. So, what equipment is used to process calcium carbonate powder? Guilin Hongcheng is a well-known manufacturer of calcium powder processing machinery and equipment in the industry. Today, I will introduce calcium powder processing machinery and equipment in detail for you.

What equipment is used to process calcium carbonate powder-Raymond mill hc1300

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Detailed explanation of calcium powder processing machinery and equipment

At present, ordinary heavy calcium carbonate with d97≥5μm is mainly produced by dry method, and the equipment includes improved Raymond mill (suspension roller mill or pendulum mill), roller mill (including pressure roller mill/vertical mill, ring roller mill) mill, etc.) and ball mills, etc.

The superfine ground calcium carbonate with d97≥5μm is generally produced by dry process, and some of them are produced by wet grinding + drying process. Dry production mainly adopts cylinder ball mill + classifier, roller mill (including ring roller mill with in-band classification, vertical mill/pressure roller mill), dry stirring mill + classifier, etc.

d97≤5μm, especially papermaking coating grade ultra-fine ground calcium carbonate slurry with d90≤2μm is generally produced by wet method, and the main equipment is stirring mill and sand mill.

Ball mill + classifier production line is mainly used to produce heavy calcium carbonate fine powder and superfine powder with d97=5~43μm. It is characterized by continuous closed-circuit production, multi-stage classification, large cycle load (300% to 500%), and large single-machine production capacity. This production line has been adopted since the middle and late 90s of the 20th century, and it is one of the main production technologies of the large-scale superfine heavy calcium carbonate production line in the world today.

Ring roller mill is the most widely used fine grinding and ultrafine grinding equipment in the field of ground calcium carbonate in the past ten years. It is characterized by large crushing ratio and low energy consumption per unit product. The built-in or external fine classifier can produce ultra-fine products with d97≤10μm, and the product fineness can be adjusted between d97=5~40μm; the most suitable product particle size range is d97=10~30μm.

Roller mill (vertical roller mill/roller mill) is one of the main large-scale equipment for ground calcium carbonate fine grinding and ultrafine grinding. It is characterized by a large crushing ratio, and the most suitable product particle size range is d97=15~45μm. After installing an external fine classifier, it can produce ultrafine products with d97≤10μm; the product has good particle shape and low oil absorption value, which is especially suitable for production Unsaturated polyester-based composite materials (artificial stone) are filled with heavy calcium carbonate, and the energy consumption and wear per unit product are low.

Wet ultra-fine grinding technology is mainly used to produce papermaking coating (slurry) grade products with d90≤2μm and d97≤2μm and ultrafine ground calcium carbonate with d60≤2μm (used as plastic filler after drying). Generally, one-stage or two-stage continuous ultra-fine grinding process is adopted. It is mainly composed of wet mixing grinder or sand mill, corresponding storage tank and pump.

On the whole, the main development trend of heavy calcium carbonate industry technology is large-scale, functional and intelligent. This is an inevitable requirement for the intensification, stabilization, structural optimization or specialization of heavy calcium carbonate production, as well as the improvement of production efficiency, reduction of energy consumption, wear and production costs. It is also a significant increase in market demand and saving of polymer-based composite materials. The amount of medium resin is an inevitable requirement for the development of production technology. As an equipment supplier approved by Omya, Guilin Hongcheng has provided calcium powder processing machinery and equipment for many factories of Omya around the world, which are well received and favored by customers. If you have purchase requirements for calcium powder processing machinery and equipment, please call and leave a message for details of the equipment.

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