Processing technology of pig blood feed by pig blood pulverizer

Release date: 2023-08-24

Pig blood contains 15-20% dry matter, and this dry matter (pig blood powder) contains more than 90% crude protein, and contains 19 kinds of amino acids, various inorganic salts and trace elements. It is a high-quality animal protein feed additive for livestock and poultry, and its nutritional value is higher than that of fish meal. Pig blood meal has a wide range of raw materials and simple processing methods, and is the main product of industrial production of feed blood meal. The production of pig blood powder feed is inseparable from the crushing process, so how to crush pig blood? As a manufacturer of pig blood feed grinding mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the process of processing pig blood with pig blood grinder today.

Processing technology of pig blood feed by pig blood pulverizer-Raymond mill

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Pig blood pulverizer processing feed pig blood process 1: pure blood powder

The blood meal used in early animal husbandry production was mainly the "pure blood meal" produced directly from the whole blood of livestock and poultry through dehydration, drying, crushing and other steps without adding other ingredients. These blood powders are generally difficult to destroy the hard protein on the outer layer of blood cells during processing, that is, their original molecular structure cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the digestion and utilization rate of "pure blood powder" is relatively low. At present, there are three main methods of producing "pure blood powder", drying, steaming and spray drying.

Pig blood pulverizer processing feed pig blood process 2: puffed blood meal

Blood powder puffing means that after the blood treatment material containing a certain amount of water enters the extruder, it will form sufficient pressure and temperature under the action of friction, extrusion and shearing between the screw, screw sleeve and blood powder material. At the same time, with the help of the heating system of the machine, the blood powder gradually becomes viscous. After the blood of livestock and poultry is expanded, the hard protein cell wall on the surface of the blood cells is broken, and the nutrients contained in the cells are released, which is very beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals. It has been determined that the digestibility of the puffed pig blood meal is as high as 97.6%, and the feeding effect is also significantly higher than that of sprayed blood meal and fermented blood meal. At the same time, the high temperature and high pressure during the puffing process can kill pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli, ensuring the safety of feeding. In addition, it has many advantages such as easy transportation and storage, and is an ideal blood meal processing method. However, due to the need for specialized equipment, the investment is relatively large. The general technological process of puffed blood meal can be expressed as follows: fresh blood→dehydration→drying→crushing→adjustment of water content→puffing (temperature: 170 ~ 180C; screw speed: 340r/1min)→crushing→finished blood meal.

Pig blood pulverizer processing feed pig blood process three: hydrolyzed blood meal

Animal blood is a high-molecular animal protein. Due to its special molecular structure, although its protein and amino acid content are relatively high, its utilization rate by animals is usually very low. Therefore, if these biomacromolecules are hydrolyzed into small molecular proteins or peptides by some proteolytic enzymes, the utilization rate of them by animals will be greatly improved. The process of producing hydrolyzed blood meal mainly includes the following steps: natural coagulation of animal blood → drying → crushing → (buffer system + papain) mixing → hydrolysis → drying → crushing → finished blood meal

Pig blood pulverizer processing feed pig blood process four: Microecological blood meal

Microecological blood meal is an ideal animal protein feed, which has ideal effects on maintaining the balance of animal intestinal flora, reducing feed consumption and increasing animal weight gain. Its specific processing process can be expressed as follows: natural coagulation of blood → auxiliary materials such as cornmeal and bran (5: 1) mixing → sterilization → cooling → inoculation (Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, fecal chain coccus, brewer's yeast, etc.)→fermentation→fermentation product drying→crushing→finished blood meal.

In the industrial production of pig blood feed, Raymond mills are usually used as pig blood grinder equipment. Raymond mill can process 80-400 mesh dry and brittle materials, and the production capacity ranges from several tons to tens of tons per hour. It is an ideal pig blood grinder. Recently, a company in Guangxi purchased a Raymond mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng for processing pig blood, with a fineness of 80 mesh and good crushing capacity. If you have the purchase needs of pig blood grinder, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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