Introduction of Potassium Feldspar Ultrafine Mill

Release date: 2022-10-08

Potassium feldspar has a hardness of 6-6.5, and has high compressive strength, After purification, it can be widely used in different fields. The potassium feldspar is ground into a finer particle size by a potassium feldspar ultrafine mill, which is convenient for subsequent beneficiation. When the equipment grinds potassium feldspar, the fineness is easy to adjust, the single-machine capacity is large, and it is green and environmentally friendly.

Introduction of Potassium Feldspar Ultrafine Mill

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Performance Advantage

1. From the point of view of working performance: Potassium feldspar ultra-fine grinding machine can be produced continuously, the fineness of the product is easy to adjust between 3-22μm, the production capacity of a single unit is 1-50 tons per hour, and a variety of models can be selected ,satisfy customer's request.

2. In terms of equipment structure: the specially designed roller mill and liner grinding curve for ultra-fine powder grinding make it easier to form a material layer, and the grinding and powder selection efficiency is high.

3. From the point of view of equipment operation: Potassium feldspar ultra-fine grinding mill adopts grinding roller limit device to avoid severe vibration of the mill due to material breakage, high reliability and stable overall operation, which is conducive to reducing the downtime of the mill for maintenance. 

4. From the perspective of product particle size: the potassium feldspar ultrafine mill grinds the potassium feldspar finished product with a finer particle size, and the single-head and multi-head powder separator can effectively control the fineness of the finished product and efficiently obtain qualified products of various specifications.

Working Principle

The motor drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate, and the material is fed into the center of the rotating grinding disc by the air lock feeding device. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material enters the grinding channel. The grinding bar is continuously rotated and rolled, and the material is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. At the same time, the hot air is sprayed upwards evenly at a high speed from the air ring surrounding the grinding disc. The pulverized materials are blown up and dried, and enter the classifier with the wind. The qualified fine powder passes smoothly and is collected by the dust collection equipment. ,Unqualified coarse powder falls back to the grinding disc under the action of the classifier blade, and re-grinds together with the newly fed material. This cycle completes the whole process of grinding.

Technical Parameter

ModelGrinding disc diameter(mm)Raw material moistureFineness(mm)Capacity(t/h)
Finest reachable 3μm
(Equipped with multi head high fine powder grading system)

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