How much does a graphite micropowder mill cost

Release date: 2022-09-30

Graphite pencil lead, refractory materials, conductive materials, lubricating materials, carbon manufacturing, radiation protection materials and other fields have been widely used. Recently, the development in the field of conductive materials has become more popular, which has also driven the development of the graphite powder processing industry under this situation. How much does it cost to invest in a set of graphite micro grinding?

How much does a graphite micropowder mill cost

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1. What are the graphite powder mills?

In order to realize the investment of graphite micro-powder mill production line, one graphite micro-powder mill is definitely not enough, it needs multiple equipment for joint operation, such as: crusher, main machine (graphite micro-powder mill), briefing machine, elevator, feeding Machines, classifiers, blowers, etc., among which, the graphite powder mill is the main equipment for the production of graphite powder, and the others are supplemented.

Warm reminder, graphite is a material with a Mohs hardness of 1, and it is not difficult to grind. For many downstream fields that do not know the specific grinding powder, we recommend HCH series ultra-fine ring roller mill and HLMX series ultra-fine roller mill for you. Two types of vertical grinding equipment are available. The selection suggestions are as follows:

1. If you need graphite powder with a finished product fineness of 3-22μm, and the budget is sufficient, and you want to achieve large-scale production, it is recommended that you choose the HLMX series ultra-fine vertical mill, which has relatively high production capacity. The production capacity of the equipment is equivalent to 5 ordinary micro-powder mills per unit time, and various models with a production capacity of 1-50t/h can be selected.

2. If you do not have such high requirements on production capacity and have a limited budget, HCH series ultra-fine ring roller mill is also a good choice. This equipment can achieve a production capacity of 1-11 tons per hour, and the product fineness can reach D97 at one time ≤10μm, coupled with the use of corresponding dust collection and noise reduction equipment, can well achieve green grinding production.

2. How much does it cost to invest in a set of graphite micro-powder mill?

In addition to the basic equipment investment, investing in a set of graphite micro-powder mill also requires investment in equipment transportation and installation, site infrastructure, and later water and electricity workers, so the specific price needs to be looked at in detail!

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