How much is the 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill

Release date: 2022-09-29

Customer demand: 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill, processing petroleum coke. Combined with the actual production needs of customers, Guilin Hongcheng technicians recommend Guilin Hongcheng HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill. The processing capacity of this equipment per hour is 1-40t/h, which fully meets the processing needs of customers. It is specially designed for ultra-fine powder grinding. The designed grinding curve of the roller sleeve and the lining plate has a large production capacity of a single machine, and the output is as high as 40t/h, which is equivalent to more than 5 micro-powder mills. It saves 30%-50% energy than beryllium copper mills, and is more efficient and energy-saving.

How much is the 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill? Which manufacturer is affordable will be the main topic of this article.

1. Price analysis of 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill

The price of 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill is affected by many factors, such as equipment model, market competition, manufacturer strength, process technology, etc. These are the main factors that affect the price of equipment. To buy a high-quality 2000 mesh petroleum coke mills, it is very important to understand the factors that affect the price.

For the 2000-mesh petroleum coke mill of different production capacity series, the prices are definitely different. Manufacturers in different regions have different methods of selecting materials for manufacturing equipment, different technologies used, and different equipment prices. Market competition is one of the main factors affecting the price of equipment. In areas with greater competition, the price of equipment is generally cheaper, but the quality of manufacturers is also mixed, so it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer's customer service for accurate quotations.

How much is the 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill

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2. Recommended by the manufacturer of 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill

The price of 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. We recommend Guilin Hongcheng as the equipment. Guilin Hongcheng is an enterprise specializing in the production of 2000 mesh petroleum coke mill. For the processing of petroleum coke, it has a variety of models of equipment, which can be selected by customers at different production stages. For the manufacturing of equipment, high-quality materials are selected, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed. Customers can buy with confidence.

3. Use of 2000 mesh petroleum coke

Petroleum coke is a product obtained by distilling crude oil, separating light and heavy oil, and then converting the obtained heavy oil through thermal cracking. Petroleum coke can be used in industries such as graphite, smelting and chemical industry depending on its quality. Low-sulfur, high-quality cooked coke, such as needle coke, can be mainly used to manufacture ultra-high-power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products. In the steelmaking industry, needle coke is also an important material for the development of new electric furnace steelmaking technology.

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