Graphite vertical grinding mill - parameters - quotation

Release date: 2022-09-28

With the release of a number of environmental protection policies such as "carbon neutrality", the application of graphite has entered a climax, and huge business investment has driven the development of the middle and downstream industries. The powder processing equipment represented by graphite vertical grinding mills caters to the development of the current society. The tide, the future time will maintain the momentum of sustainable development, graphite vertical grinding mill as a popular machine is about to usher in a new opportunity.

Recently, many customers have come to consult the graphite vertical grinding mill, and want to know its price, model, parameters, etc. The following will combine the concerns of customers and friends, and give you detailed answers one by one, hoping to help you.

graphite vertical grinding mill

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1. Introduction of graphite vertical grinding mill

Graphite vertical grinding mill is a high-efficiency and energy-saving intelligent grinding equipment. The product solves the problems of low output, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost of ordinary industrial grinding, and the product performance has reached the international advanced level. It can not only play a huge potential in the field of graphite grinding, but also play an advantage in the field of large-scale milling of slag, pulverized coal, cement, and non-metallic ores. In addition, the equipment has the advantages of large production capacity, more wear resistance, and easy maintenance. Different parameters, models and quotations are also different.

2. Common models of graphite vertical grinding mills - parameter list

There are many common graphite vertical grinding mills on the market. Here we focus on the model and specifications of Guilin Hongcheng equipment as an example to introduce to you. New and old customers and friends can make reasonable purchases according to their own needs. The larger the model , the higher the price, the purchase must be carefully considered.

HLM Vertical Grinding Mill

ModelGrinding ring diameter(mm)Capacity(t/h)Raw material moistureCoal Powder FinenessPower(kw)

3. The price of graphite vertical grinding mill

How much does it cost to buy a graphite vertical grinding mill? Because each person's positioning of graphite vertical grinding mill is different, and there are many types and models of equipment, it is impossible to give you an exact value directly. The general quotation range is between 400,000 and 2 million. If you want to invest in the graphite industry for a long time, you should not take it lightly when purchasing. You should give priority to manufacturers. There are more guarantees behind large manufacturers. After all, a piece of mechanical equipment is not cheap. It is recommended that you choose Guilin Hongcheng, a 30-year-old brand with trustworthy strength. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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