Reasons for abnormal vibration of vertical grinding mill

Release date: 2022-09-27

I believe everyone is familiar with the vertical grinding mill. It is a large-scale mine powder equipment developed for large-scale production in recent years. It has the advantages of small footprint, stable operation and stable product quality. However, there will be some problems in the process of equipment operation. Among them, abnormal vibration is a common problem. So what are the reasons for abnormal vibration of vertical grinding mills?

Reasons for abnormal vibration of vertical grinding mill

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The first is idle running. Because the vertical grinding mill runs under no-load state, since there is no material inside the main machine, the grinding roller and the grinding ring of the vertical pulverizer will directly impact, and the collision and friction with each other will produce a lot of noise and vibration. Therefore, our large vertical grinding mill adopts the grinding roller limit device to avoid the violent vibration caused by the broken material during the working time of the mill.

Secondly, different types of vertical grinding mills have different output and fineness. If the particle size of the ground material is too small and the finished product is too fine, it is easy to cause abnormal vibration of the vertical grinding mill. The main reason is that when the material is too fine, it is difficult to form a material layer of sufficient thickness during the grinding process, making the equipment similar to the running state of an empty machine, resulting in abnormal vibration.

In addition, if the screws and bolts connected between the components become loose or even fall off when we use the vertical grinding mill for grinding operations, it is easy to cause abnormal vibration of the vertical grinding mill. In addition, the abnormal vibration caused by the loosening and falling off of the screws and bolts can easily cause the unstable operation of the equipment, which brings a great safety hazard to the milling production.

Therefore, when we use the vertical grinding mill to process and grind the material, we should analyze the causes according to different vibration conditions, and deal with them in time to prevent larger production failures and affect the vertical grinding mill. 

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