The use of 1200 mesh phosphogypsum powder

Release date: 2022-10-09

Under the environment of environmental protection, the treatment and recycling of phosphogypsum has become an urgent problem. According to the composition of phosphogypsum, phosphogypsum is mainly used in agriculture, industry, construction and other fields. Secondly, 1200 mesh phosphogypsum powder also has the following uses:

The use of 1200 mesh phosphogypsum powder

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(1) Co-production of cement with sulfuric acid

The technology of phosphogypsum to make sulfuric acid co-production cement makes the sulfur component in phosphogypsum regenerate into sulfuric acid, and other components generate cement clinker.

(2) as cement retarder

Phosphogypsum can be used as a cement retarder after being mixed with dihydrate gypsum alone or mixed with dihydrate gypsum in an appropriate proportion, and the effect of double mixing is better. The performance of the prepared cement is comparable to that of adding natural gypsum, and the amount of mixing is lower than that of natural gypsum, which can reduce the cost of cement production.

(3) Production of phosphogypsum building materials

Phosphogypsum can be made into phosphogypsum fiberboard by pressing with a small amount of cement, fiber reinforcement, pulp, etc.; phosphogypsum and yellow phosphorus slag, fluorite, pigment and other ingredients can be made into color ceramic decoration materials; phosphogypsum and copper ore flotation waste residue It can be made into glass and crystal glass materials; phosphogypsum, cement and sand can be made into high-strength gypsum bricks, etc.

(4) Production of chemical raw materials

Phosphogypsum is rich in calcium and sulfur resources, so the calcium and sulfur resources in it can be commercialized through a certain production process. At present, phosphogypsum is mainly used to produce ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, calcium carbonate, thiourea, etc.

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