HC2000 large pendulum mill limestone grinding processing

Release date: 2023-12-05

In modern industry, limestone is the main raw material for manufacturing cement, lime, calcium carbide, and flue gas desulfurization. After limestone grinding processing, it is widely used in the manufacturing of paper, rubber, paint, coating, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products. Different application fields have different requirements for mineral grinding fineness, whiteness and purity. At present, the wide range of fineness range used in limestone ore grinding processing is between 0.125-0.022mm.

At present, there are many main types of equipment for limestone grinding processing, among which the most widely used is the pendulum mill (also known as Raymond mill). These equipments have low energy consumption when the processing fineness is between 0.125-0.022mm. , the primary equipment investment is low, and the operation and maintenance are simple, but it is also common to have small models, low single-machine output, and poor environmental protection. Especially wear-resistant parts have a short service life, which affects the continued production of the equipment. However, there is a lack of energy-saving large-scale pendulum grinding equipment that can meet large-scale production.

HC2000 large pendulum mill limestone grinding processing

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HC2000 large pendulum mill is a new generation of large-scale high-efficiency powder mill independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It draws on the working principle of the pendulum mill and improves the swing mode of the pendulum mill. Without changing other parameters, the centrifugal grinding force is increased by nearly 35% and the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is improved, which improves the crushing efficiency and greatly improves the product output and fineness. The fineness range of the product can reach 0.125-0.022mm. At the same time, an integral base is used to improve the transmission device and the sealing structure of the grinding roller assembly, the equipment has higher operational reliability and more convenient maintenance. In addition, the pulse dust collector is used for product collection, which has high collection efficiency and avoids dust spillage. It is combined with high-precision classifiers, pulse dust collectors and other equipment It is composed of a large-scale powder processing system, which has the characteristics of large output, high unit power output, low comprehensive investment cost and operating cost, and is environmentally friendly.

In 2011, the HC2000 large-scale pendulum mill was used in a calcium industry Co., Ltd. in Changxing, Zhejiang. After testing, the output of a single HC2000 large pendulum mill is stable at 38-42Uh (the output of a single 5R Raymond mill originally used by the company is only 6-7th). The average service life of the wear-resistant parts is 5000-5500 hours. Compared with the original 5R Raymond machine wear parts, the life of the wear-resistant parts is more than doubled on average. For more than ten years, the technology of HC2000 large pendulum mill has been continuously improved and developed, and the output and service life have been continuously improved. At present, the HC2000 pendulum mill has been widely used in hundreds of large powder processing enterprises in the manganese ore processing industry, fly ash, calcium carbonate, etc.

The production capacity of one HC2000 large pendulum mill system is equivalent to more than 6 5R4119 ordinary Raymond mills, while the equipment occupies only 2/3 of the area. If you have related equipment purchase needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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