HCH1395 Large Ring Roller Mill

Release date: 2023-12-01

HCH1395 large ring roller mill is a new generation of large-scale high-efficiency heavy calcium micro-powder mill independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is combined with high-precision classifiers, pulse dust collectors and other equipment to form a large-scale ultra-fine powder processing system. It has the characteristics of large output, low comprehensive investment costs and operating costs, and high environmental performance.

HCH1395 Large Ring Roller Mill

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It draws on the working principle of traditional ring roller mills and improves the shape, size, and quantity matching of the grinding rollers. Without changing other parameters, the centrifugal grinding force is increased by nearly 30%, and the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is improved, which improves the crushing efficiency and greatly improves the product output and fineness. The fineness range of the product can reach 0.008~0.038mm. At the same time, the integral cast base and shock-absorbing foundation are used to make the operation of the equipment reliable. It has higher efficiency and more convenient maintenance. In addition, a pulse dust collector is used for product collection, which has high collection efficiency and avoids dust spillage.

HCH1395 large ring roller mill is mainly composed of the overall base, belt transmission device, central shaft, turntable, large and small grinding rollers, grinding ring, lubrication device, shock absorber, classifier and other components. The motor is transmitted to the host pulley through the motor pulley through the belt. The pulley of the main machine drives the turntable on the central axis to make a circular revolution. The grinding roller installed on the turntable rotates around the central axis. There is a large movable gap between the grinding roller and the grinding roller pin. Under the action of centrifugal force, the grinding roller swings outward horizontally, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring, and the grinding roller rotates around the grinding roller pin at the same time. The material passes through the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and achieves crushing and grinding effects due to the rolling of the grinding roller. The grinding roller is arranged in multiple layers. The material passes through the first layer of the grinding roller and the grinding ring for one crushing, and then the material is crushed once. Through multiple layers of crushing, the materials are fully crushed and ground, and the resulting product is fine.

HCH1395 ring roller mill is specially designed for the processing of heavy calcium micro powder

① The overall cast base has a solid and reliable structure and strong earthquake resistance. The biggest disadvantage of the ring roller mill is the vibration and noise of the main machine. The use of the overall cast base can avoid cracking or damage to the base or other components caused by vibration fatigue of the main machine for a long time.

② The main machine is equipped with a shock-absorbing elastic foundation, which effectively reduces the vibration generated during the operation of the main machine and eliminates the resonance phenomenon caused by vibrations with other peripheral equipment. Compared with the hard foundation of traditional ring roller mills, the noise and vibration of the main machine are reduced by 30%, which greatly improves the efficiency of the main machine. It improves the stability of equipment operation, extends the service life of the mill, and improves the working environment of workshop workers.

③ New type of transmission device. The main engine transmission device adopts a belt transmission device. The transmission is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient and fast. The main machine grinding body and the main engine transmission device adopt a split structure, which effectively avoids the occurrence of resonance between the two.

④ The classifier adopts large forced turbine classification technology, which has large processing capacity and high classification efficiency. It can continuously adjust the particle size of the finished product between 0.008~0.038mm. At the same time, it adopts air seal isolation technology to achieve high classification accuracy, good classification effect, and no Large particle pollution ensures the stability of the finished product qualification rate.

⑤ Large specific surface area of the finished product: ultrafine powder with a specific surface area of 22400cm2/g (d97=10μm) to 30400cm2/g (d97=3μm) can be produced in one go.

⑥ Adopt offline cleaning pulse dust collection system, which has the characteristics of large filtration area, strong dust cleaning effect, and long service life of filter bags. The dust collection efficiency is as high as 99.99%, and it can better adapt to dust collection conditions with high dust concentration and large moisture. Moreover, after the dust collection system separates the gas and powder, the dust concentration of the discharged gas is ≤30mg/m³, which meets the national emission standards, making the grinding system more environmentally friendly.

⑦ Based on the working conditions of ring roller mills, most of the wear-resistant parts work during extrusion, grinding and impact. The wear-resistant parts of the HC1395 large-scale ring roller mill are made of wear-resistant alloys. Practice has proved that the service life of the wear-resistant parts is long. It is 30% longer than the small ring roller mill used on the market.

⑧ Optimize the equipment control system. The equipment control adopts the full-frequency PLC intelligent operation (multi-component linkage one-button operation) mode. At the same time, the centralized remote control in large-scale production allows users to monitor the operation of the equipment in real time or on site.

In 2013, the HCH1395 large-scale ring roller mill was put on trial in Guangxi Guilin Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. After testing, the output of a single HCH1395 large ring roller mill is stable at 4.2.-4.5t/h. The average service life of wear-resistant parts is 6000-6500 hours. Over the years, HCH1395 has been widely used in dozens of heavy calcium processing companies at home and abroad. The operating results of the HCH1395 large-scale ring roller mill show that this equipment has the advantages of high production capacity, high efficiency, and good environmental performance, and can meet the needs of the increasingly large-scale industrial production of heavy calcium micropowder industry.

(1) Low production investment costs. Under the premise of ensuring the same fineness, the production capacity of one HCH1395 large-scale ring roller mill system is equivalent to more than two 198 and 188 type ring roller mills currently used in the market, and the equipment occupies only 2/3 of it.

(2) High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. HCH1395 large ring roller mill system unit product energy consumption and equipment consumption are 25%-40% lower than other similar equipment (vertical mill, ball mill). The grinding system adopts a fully closed system. The system works under negative pressure, no dust, and the environment is clean.

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