What mill is used to produce ultra fine mica powder?

Release date: 2023-11-29

As we all know, mica is a difficult-to-grind mineral with a Bond work index of 148. The traditional medium-stirred mill ultrafine mica process not only takes a long time to grind, but also requires the addition of water, and the wet grinding process is more cumbersome. Many dry ultramicronized mica require the addition of grinding aids, and the grinding aids are separated after ultramicronizing the mica, which increases the process. How can we make the mica ultramicronization process simple while meeting the requirements of different applications, and solve the cumbersome problems caused by adding grinding aids and wet processing technology in mica ultramicronization? As a manufacturer of mica powder ultrafine vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today what mill is used to produce ultra fine mica powder.

Mica is an aluminosilicate mineral and is divided into three subcategories: muscovite, biotite and lepidolite. Muscovite has excellent dielectric properties such as high dielectric strength and resistance, low dielectric loss and arc resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, good transparency and splitting properties. It has good elasticity and flexibility and is widely used in industry.

With the continuous development of industrial technology, the requirements for the particle size of mica products are getting higher and higher. When the particle size of ultrafine mica powder is less than 100 mesh, ultrafine mica powder can be used in paint, rubber, fiberglass, ceramics, plastics, cement, coatings Other ingredients or fillers can also be used to produce mica paper and as seed crystals for the production of synthetic mica, which solves the problems of poor heat resistance, low insulation, unstable chemical properties and low mechanical strength of traditional materials. Currently, the main challenges facing the production of ultrafine mica powder are:

(1) The demand for ultrafine powders less than 1 μm is rapidly increasing.

(2) Large-scale production of ultrafine powder requires large-scale and intelligent equipment to reduce energy consumption per unit product and stabilize product quality.

(3) Large-scale supporting production of ultra-fine powders and strict product particle size distribution requires fine classification equipment with large processing capacity, high classification efficiency and low energy consumption.

(4) The processing of high-hard ultra-fine powder materials and the continuous improvement of product purity requirements require that the wear of ultra-fine crushing and fine classification equipment be significantly reduced.

What mill is used to produce ultra fine mica powder-hlmx600 ultrafine vertical mill

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What mill is used to produce ultra fine mica powder? HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill was developed by Guilin Hongchengyun Company based on the above development direction. It is mainly composed of host machine, feeder, grader, fan, pipeline, feed silo, pipeline system, electrical cabinet, collector system, etc. The material to be ground is broken into particles<10 mm through a crusher. It is sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and the speed-adjustable screw feeder transports it from the hopper to the turntables in the host cavity on both sides. Under the action of the pressure of the grinding roller, the material is squeezed, ground, sheared and broken. By optimizing the working parameters of the classifier and induced draft fan, the mica output and discharge particle size can be controlled to meet the requirements of different utilization fields and solve the secondary processing problems that still exist in traditional grinding aids and wet processing. If you have related equipment purchase needs, please leave us a message to learn more equipment details.

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