Is vertical grinding mill used in graphite production?

Release date: 2023-12-06

Crystalline graphite, also known as flake graphite, is recognized as the most valuable graphite resource. The size of the flakes and the fixed carbon content determine the value of the crystalline graphite concentrate. Crystalline graphite with a flake diameter above 0.2mm and a fixed carbon content >98% High-quality graphite is globally recognized as the raw material with the greatest industrial application value and best uses. So, Is vertical grinding mill used in graphite production?

Is vertical grinding mill used in graphite production

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Vertical Grinding mills are widely used in many industries. In the mining industry, they are suitable for grinding various ore materials to achieve crushing, grinding, grading and drying operations; in natural flake graphite beneficiation, vertical grinding mills are indispensable.

When the vertical roller mill was originally designed, it was first used in the cement industry. Due to its ability to increase production and save energy, it has begun to be rapidly used in many countries around the world. Applications are gradually developing from the cement industry to other industries, such as granulation in the chemical industry and even some applications in the crushing of metal ores. At the same time, its structural specifications, auxiliary surface materials, and structural design are also becoming increasingly mature.

At present, Hongcheng graphite vertical grinding mill has formed a series of equipment in various specifications. The grinding disc diameter ranges from 2600mm to 5600mm. Production capacity can range from a few tons to hundreds of tons per hour. The maximum feeding particle size range can reach 50mm. Hongcheng graphite vertical mill is a kind of crushing equipment with low energy consumption, large processing capacity, uniform product particle size and high equipment operation rate.

Flake graphite has huge industrial value and is an essential raw material for many high-precision products. However, the reserves of this kind of graphite are very small, and its scaly structure is easily damaged and cannot be regenerated during the grinding and sorting process. Therefore, how to optimize the large flake graphite protection process, improve the large flake graphite yield and concentrate quality, so as to achieve Efficient utilization of resources is currently the focus and difficulty of flake graphite mineral processing, and is of extremely important strategic significance.

Researchers found that using a graphite vertical mill to crush crystalline graphite ore can not only effectively dissociate minerals during the particle size reduction process, but also protect the scale structure to a certain extent and avoid over-grinding. Therefore, researchers believe that graphite vertical mills will be better promoted and applied in graphite mines. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message for device details.

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