Uses of coal gangue after grinding

Release date: 2023-12-07

Coal gangue raw material has almost no cost. Although it is waste discharged from other processes, due to the backward and crude technology, it became a waste resource and was landfilled, polluting the environment. Nowadays, with the maturity of technology and the increasingly strict environmental protection, coal gangue can be turned into treasure after grinding and processing, becoming a mineral with economic value. As a manufacturer of mining gangue Raymond roller mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the uses of coal gangue after grinding:

1. Because coal gangue contains carbon, it is a material for making coal. The coal in it is recycled and used as boiler fuel, which can be sold to power plants and other places that require heat combustion.

2. In addition to recovering the coal in coal gangue, pyrite can also be selected to extract sulfur, and pyrite can also be synthesized into hydrocarbon fuels for use in the battery industry.

3. The aluminum element in coal gangue can be used to make crystalline aluminum trichloride, which is a new type of water purification preparation.

4. After grinding, coal gangue can also be used to produce cement, such as Portland cement, clinker-free cement, etc. Since the cost is relatively low, the profit rate is still relatively ideal.

5. Coal gangue is harder than coal and can be used as a substitute for clay when burning bricks. It also contains carbon and is combustible, so it can save fuel when burning bricks.

6. Use a combination of activated coal gangue, self-igniting coal gangue ultra-fine powder products and fly ash to replace some of the coarse and medium aggregates (gravel, pebbles, etc.) used in traditional ordinary concrete, and add appropriate admixtures , high-performance concrete can be configured with appropriate proportions.

7. In addition to the above uses, the remaining coal gangue waste can also be used for paving roads, filling the ground, creating land and landscaping, etc.

Uses of coal gangue after grinding-Raymond roller mill

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