Production and application of wollastonite powder

Release date: 2023-12-08

Because wollastonite has good insulating properties, it also has high whiteness, good dielectric properties, and high heat resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, wollastonite is widely used in ceramics, chemicals, metallurgy, papermaking, plastics, coatings and other fields, which in turn makes the production of wollastonite powder have broad prospects. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of wollastonite Raymond mill. The wollastonite Raymond roller mill we produce has been widely used in the production of wollastonite powder. Today I will introduce in detail the production and application of wollastonite powder.

Production and application of wollastonite powder-Raymond roller mill

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Production of wollastonite powder

Wollastonite powder is a short fibrous inorganic powder. In some application fields, such as ceramics, glass-ceramics, metallurgical molding slag, etc., only for asbestos substitutes, paper pulp substitutes, reinforced fillers for plastics and rubber, and some coating fillers, not only the particle size discovery and particle size distribution There are requirements, and there are also requirements on the aspect ratio of its fibrous particles. Wollastonite powder with a high aspect ratio (>10) can replace asbestos fibers, paper fibers, and advanced reinforcing fillers in polymer-based composite materials such as plastics and rubber, and has great application and economic value. Therefore, the processing technology of high aspect ratio wollastonite needle-shaped powder is one of the main deep processing technologies of wollastonite.

At present, ordinary wollastonite powder below 400 mesh is mostly processed by Raymond mill and ball mill. In order to ensure that the content of large particles does not exceed the standard, classification or screening equipment can be added. This production process mostly adopts dry method. The main production equipment for high aspect ratio wollastonite and ultra-fine wollastonite include: mechanical impact mill, centrifugal autogenous grinding machine, ultra-fine vertical mill, etc. Among them, mechanical impact mills, centrifugal autogenous grinders, etc. are generally suitable for producing high aspect ratio wollastonite needle-shaped powder of about 400~1000 mesh; ultra-fine vertical mill is suitable for producing ultra-fine needle-shaped powder of 1250 mesh (d97≤10μm) Wollastonite powder.

Application of wollastonite powder

1. The application of wollastonite in plastic rubber. Wollastonite has unique needle-like fibers, good insulation, wear resistance, and high refractive index. It is a good filling material for plastic and rubber products. Features and performance: Wollastonite powder can increase impact strength, enhance fluidity, and improve tensile strength, impact strength, linear stretch and mold shrinkage.

2. The application of wollastonite in paper products. Wollastonite can still maintain its unique needle-like structure after special processing technology, so that the whiteboard paper added with wollastonite powder can improve its whiteness and opacity (surface). Layer coverage, flatness and smoothness, adaptability, reduce quantitative lateral deviation and wet deformation of cardboard to improve printing adaptability, and can significantly reduce the use of various other raw materials, reducing the overall cost of paper products.

3. The application of wollastonite in ceramics. Adding an appropriate amount of wollastonite powder to ceramic raw materials can greatly reduce the firing temperature and shorten the firing time to achieve low-temperature and rapid one-time firing. It saves a lot of fuel and significantly reduces product costs; at the same time, it improves the mechanical properties of the product, reduces cracks and warpage of the product, increases the gloss of the glaze, and improves the strength of the embryo body, thereby improving the product qualification rate.

4. Wollastonite is used in building insulation boards instead of asbestos. Wollastonite powder is a non-toxic, odorless, non-radioactive and other advantages. It has gradually replaced asbestos that is harmful to human health and has become a new raw material for environmentally friendly building materials in the new century. After special processing technology, it can still maintain its unique needle-like structure, which greatly improves the impact resistance, bending strength, and wear resistance of calcium silicate boards, fireproof boards and other materials added with wollastonite needle powder.

5. The application of wollastonite in coatings. Wollastonite has good reinforcing properties, which can not only improve the toughness and durability of the coating, but also maintain the smoothness and good gloss of the coating surface. Because wollastonite has good hardness and wear resistance, the coating can obtain better mechanical strength, increase durability, enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance, and is generally used in primers for anti-corrosion coatings. With the advancement of deep processing technology of wollastonite manufacturers, wollastonite is increasingly used in latex paints because of its excellent weather resistance and good coloring brightness.

As a manufacturer of wollastonite grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng's wollastonite grinding equipment such as Raymond mill, ring roller mill, and ultra-fine vertical mill have been widely used in the production of wollastonite powder and have good results. Word of mouth, it can process 80-2500 mesh wollastonite powder. If you have related equipment purchase needs, please leave us a message for details.

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