Advantages of vertical mill processing pulverized coal

Release date: 2023-12-09

Blast furnace pulverized coal injection systems are widely used in the electric power, steel, and metallurgical industries. In the entire system, the preparation of pulverized coal is an important link. The quality of the pulverized coal produced after processing of raw coal determines the operating efficiency of the entire system. Because of the high requirements and large output of pulverized coal, traditional coal mills cannot meet its requirements. As a result, more and more customers are turning their attention to new coal vertical grinding mill, because the advantages of vertical mill processing pulverized coal are very significant. Today, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the advantages of vertical mill processing of pulverized coal.

Advantages of vertical mill processing pulverized coal

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The complete blast furnace coal injection process should include raw coal storage and transportation system, pulverizing system, pulverized coal transportation system, injection system, gas supply system and pulverized coal metering system. The blast furnace coal injection system for vertical mill processing of pulverized coal also includes a computer control center for the entire coal injection system. The pulverizing system is an important part of the blast furnace coal injection process, and the vertical mill processing of pulverized coal injection is the main process of the pulverizing system.

The process of vertical mill processing of pulverized coal: raw coal is sent to the middle of the turntable from the coal drop pipe. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the turntable makes the coal continuously move to the edge of the turntable. The coal is crushed when passing under the rollers. A baffle ring is installed on the edge of the turntable to prevent coal from sliding directly off the turntable. The baffle ring can also maintain a certain thickness of coal seam on the turntable to improve coal grinding efficiency. After the dry air is introduced into the air chamber from the air duct, it enters the upper part of the turntable through the annular air duct around the turntable at a speed greater than 35m/s. Due to the entrainment effect of the air flow, the pulverized coal is brought into the coarse powder separator on the coal mill. After being separated, the excessively coarse pulverized coal is directly returned to the turntable for re-grinding. There is also a ring of blades around the turntable that rotates with the turntable. The function of the blades is to disturb the air flow and make the qualified coal powder enter the coarse powder separator on the upper part of the coal mill.

What are the advantages of vertical mill processing of pulverized coal? According to the speed of the coal mill, it can be divided into low-speed coal mill and medium-speed coal mill. Low-speed coal mill is also called steel ball coal mill or ball mill, and the cylinder speed is 16~25r/min. The vertical coal mill is a medium-speed coal mill with a rotation speed of 50 to 300 r/min. The vertical mill is superior to the steel ball mill in processing pulverized coal. It is a coal mill widely used in new pulverization systems at present. The process of vertical mill processing of sprayed coal powder has the advantages of compact structure, small floor space, low infrastructure investment, low noise, low water consumption, low metal consumption and low coal grinding power consumption. The power consumption of vertical mill processing sprayed pulverized coal is significantly reduced during low-load operation, and the power consumption per unit of pulverized coal does not increase much. When equipped with a rotary coarse powder separator, the pulverized coal has good uniformity and a high uniformity index.

As a manufacturer of vertical coal mills, Guilin Hongcheng has rich customer cases and mature technical experience in the vertical mills that process pulverized coal. We provide strong equipment assistance to customers who process pulverized coal by vertical mills. If you If you have a need for a vertical mill processing pulverized coal injection project, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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