How to produce silica powder?

Release date: 2023-12-11

The silicon powder production industry has huge investment potential, so how to produce silicon powder? This is a question that concerns many investors. As a manufacturer of silicon powder production equipment, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the silicon powder production equipment and process.

How to produce silica powder? The deep processing of high-purity silicon powder uses physical methods to process and purify industrial silicon powder. This technology uses ordinary industrial silicon as the production material. The ordinary industrial silicon is processed through physical methods and controlled by an automated operating system to improve the grade, eliminate impurities, maintain the hardness of the silicon crystal, and produce products that do not change the structure. High purity silicon powder.

Silicon powder production process: Qualified industrial silicon is washed with pure water, broken into small particles, and sent to primary and secondary Raymond mills and super-Raymond mills to 200-400 mesh after electromagnetic primary selection. During the grinding process, add an appropriate amount of pure water, and the ground silicon liquid flows into the settling tank for liquid phase deposition. Then add a catalyst with an acid value of 6 and start stirring for 2 to 3 hours to precipitate impurities in the silicon liquid. After drying, it is crushed by air for electromagnetic selection and screening, and finally passed through cyclone collection equipment and entered into vacuum packaging.

Silicon powder production equipment is composed of cleaning device, primary magnetic separation, grinding system, settling system, drying system, magnetic separation, and cyclone collection system. Auxiliary facilities include power supply system and water purification system. The main machinery of silicon powder production equipment is: Raymond roller mill, settling system, magnetic separation, cyclone collector, recovery system, wind crusher, pure water device, axial flow seepage machine. Electrical equipment includes transformers, high-voltage cabinets, low-voltage control systems, power distribution, and environmentally friendly dust removal equipment.

Cleaning system: It consists of an electric rolling screen and a high-pressure water gun. Through the rotation of the rolling screen, the high-pressure water gun cleans the impurities on the silicon block, and then uses the transfer belt to enter the first-level Raymond mill for grinding.

Primary magnetic separation: It is composed of a power magnetic separator and a magnetic separation belt. The silicon powder produced after one-stage Raymond mill has a fineness of 10 to 20 mesh. The magnetic separation belt absorbs the iron substances contained in the silicon powder.

Grinding system: It consists of a secondary Raymond mill and an ultra-fine Raymond mill. The silicon powder after primary magnetic separation enters the secondary Raymond mill through the conveyor belt and is ground to 200 mesh. Pure water is added during the grinding process. To cool down and eliminate dust, the silicon slurry grinded by two-stage Raymond grinding goes into ultra-fine Raymond grinding to 400 mesh.

Sedimentation system: It consists of a settling tank and a filter. Grind the silica fume slurry to 400 mesh, add degrading acid in the settling tank, and continuously stir the degrading acid to react with the calcium and aluminum in the silica fume and blend into the water. After the silica fume slurry settles, it enters Drying system.

Drying system: It consists of a slurry dehydrator and a dryer. The silicon fume slurry is dehydrated by the dehydrator and then enters the dryer for drying.

Electrostatic electromagnetic separation system: It consists of an air crusher and an electrostatic electromagnetic separator. The dried silicon powder is crushed into powder by the air, and the ferric oxide and iron substances in the silicon powder are absorbed by the electrostatic electromagnetic separator.

Cyclone collection system: It consists of a cyclone collector and a silo. The processed silicon powder is collected by the cyclone collector and then enters the silo.

How to produce silica powder-Raymond roller mill

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