Advantages of Raymond mill for processing metal silicon

Release date: 2023-12-12

Raymond mill processing of metallic silicon can improve the grade, eliminate impurities, maintain the hardness of the silicon crystal without changing the structure, and produce quasi-high-purity silicon powder. As a manufacturer of silicon powder Raymond roller mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the advantages of Raymond mill for processing metal silicon.

There are many ways to prepare silicon powder from silicon blocks. Among them, the Raymond method, the roller method, the disc grinding method and the impact spinning method have better effects and are more widely used. The equipment used is the Raymond method, roller mill, disc mill (also called vertical mill) and impact spin method. In terms of the principles of milling, the first three are extrusion crushing, and the latter is impact crushing. In terms of their structures, they are very different, each with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. At present, the industrial synthesis of methylchlorosilane is completed by the continuous reaction of silica powder and methyl chloride in a fluidized reactor. The particle size and distribution of silica powder have an important influence on the reaction and its completeness. The particle size of silicon powder should be moderate and a certain particle size distribution is required to obtain the best effect. Therefore, the powdering method must maintain the adjustable particle size of silicon powder, high yield, and low processing cost. Raymond mill processing metal silicon has the above equipment advantages.

Advantages of Raymond mill for processing metal silicon

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The process of processing metal silicon by Raymond mill is to clean the qualified industrial silicon with pure water, crush it into small particles, and then send it to the first and second level Raymond mill and super Raymond mill to grind it to 200~400 mesh after electromagnetic primary selection, add an appropriate amount of pure water during the grinding process, and the ground silicon liquid flows into the settling tank for liquid phase deposition. Then add a catalyst with an acid value of 6 and start stirring for 2 to 3 hours to precipitate the impurities in the silicon liquid and dry it. Afterwards, it undergoes air crushing for electromagnetic selection and screening, and finally passes through cyclone collection equipment and enters vacuum packaging. The specific process flow is: raw material pretreatment → initial magnetic separation → liquid phase deposition → stirring and catalysis → cleaning → drying → electrostatic magnetic separation → packaging → finished product.

Smelting and processing high-purity silicon powder consumes a lot of energy. Using Raymond mill to process metallic silicon is in line with new energy-saving technologies and saves energy and reduces emissions. At the same time, it also opens up a new way for enterprises to improve market competitiveness and reduce product costs. As a silicon powder Raymond mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng produces HC series and HCQ series Raymond mills, which have been widely used and have a good reputation in the metal silicon powder making process. If you have related needs, welcome Leave us a message for device details.

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