Guilin Hongcheng HC3000 global super-large Raymond mill will be officially launched on November 3, 2021!

Release date: 2022-03-03

On November 2, the HC3000 Raymond Mill, a super large Raymond mill developed and manufactured by Guilin Hongcheng for the global market, was officially launched. Mr. Rong Beiguo, vice chairman of Guilin Hongcheng, and Mr. Lin Jun, general manager of the company, together with the company's R&D, production, quality and marketing teams, witnessed this historical milestone. With the joint efforts of the Hongcheng team, the delivery of the world's first HC3000 super-large Raymond mill has inspired the great enthusiasm of all Hongcheng employees, reflects the customer-centric service spirit of the Hongcheng team, and demonstrates the Hongcheng team's efforts to provide China's determination to contribute to a global brand!

Hongcheng makes a major breakthrough in the field of large Raymond Mill in China

Vice chairman of Guilin Hongcheng: Rong Beiguo

Mr.Rong said that Guilin Hongcheng has been deeply engaged in the milling industry for more than 20 years. Based on the current situation and focusing on the future, the company continues to update and replace on the basis of 4R grinding mill, through the development of standardization, high quality and intelligence. We have developed and manufactured HC1300, HC1500, HC1700, HC1900, HC2000, HC3000 and other fruitful achievements. The production of hc3000 global super large Raymond mill is inseparable from the efforts of each Hongcheng team. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all Hongcheng teams, Guilin Hongcheng will have better products to the world and contribute a global brand to China.

At present, with the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations, the proposal of "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" poses a new challenge to China's powder equipment manufacturing industry. The HC3000 Raymond mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng is a super large Raymond Mill in the global market, which is independently developed by US based on years of technical precipitation and market practice. It can ensure that customers achieve the needs of increasing production and efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption, large-scale production, and meet the domestic industrial policies and the expanding demand for industrialized large-scale production.

Although the equipment volume is huge, the performance of HC3000 Raymond mill is no less than that of small tonnage equipment. It has solid and reliable structure, strong seismic capacity, more stability and reliability, long service life, dust collection efficiency of 99.9%, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Guilin Hongcheng General Manager: Lin Jun

Mr.Lin said that the success of R & D and production of HC3000 Raymond mill is not only the embodiment of the cohesion of Guilin Hongcheng team, but also a breakthrough in R & D technology. He said he hoped that we would continue to improve the equipment and strive to make Guilin Hongcheng a highly professional enterprise in powder equipment.

R & D center: Core technology promotes development

HC3000 global super large Raymond mill has been officially put into the market, which makes it easy for every Hongcheng R&D personnel to accumulate rich experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing and scheme design. They actively customize the exclusive type selection and configuration scheme for powder customers to provide a scientific basis for HC3000 Raymond mill production line.

The design and operation of hc3000 Raymond mill is not easy, which not only tests the stability and reliability of Guilin Hongcheng grinding equipment, but also mobilizes the nerves of every engineer. Since the signing of the project, the engineers have worked together to overcome one technical problem after another, constantly grasp the construction period and seize the nodes, and always focus on the needs of customers. From survey, parameter adjustment, drawing, programming to production, they realized the parameterization and software of craftsman spirit and experience, and effectively built the hard core strength of Guilin Hongcheng powder equipment.

Operation center: Hongcheng high efficiency

The drawing of HC3000 Raymond mill was handed over to the production team in July, and the project was officially started. The whole project task only took more than three months to efficiently complete the production task of HC3000 Raymond mill.

All links of the operation center cooperate closely. It includes hundreds of large and small manufacturing processes. In addition to arranging production plan and parts manufacturing and processing, it also includes assembly, coating, inspection, etc. The successful delivery of Guilin Hongcheng's first global super large Raymond Mill reflects Hongcheng's strong strength to complete the R & D and production of super large Raymond mills in Asia and even the world. Facing this urgent, arduous and important production task, the operation center continues to overcome difficulties and increase efficiency, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of HC3000 Raymond mill.

Quality control department: Strictly control the quality and make high quality as the requirement

From design to off-line production of HC3000 Raymond mill, the quality control department strictly controls the implementation of design drawings to production, and strictly implements the process and standard production requirements. The executive standard of the company's production and manufacturing is better than the domestic industry standard. The company establishes the internal quality inspection standard, firmly grasps the equipment quality, actively strives for the delivery of equipment to customers with quality and quantity, and strives for the maximum rights and interests for customers.


For the production of HC3000 Raymond mill, the quality control department has increased the bottleneck process tooling, improved the quality of parts and components, and maintained the stability of the whole machine commissioning after many strict reviews and layers of inspection. Hongcheng team pays close attention to the product quality with the attitude of zero tolerance of quality defects, focuses on the key points, does detailed and practical work, runs the quality awareness through the whole process of product production, and strives to achieve the high-quality development of the company.

Marketing Center: Understand customer needs and innovate service mechanism

To realize the production of HC3000 Raymond mill, in addition to high-quality products, there is also service spirit, so as to win the trust of customers.

The marketing center covers the whole links of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, and can keenly grasp the market dynamics. Hongcheng marketing team is customer-centered, market-oriented and creates value for customers. We timely feed back customer demand information, continue to deeply understand market demand, seize opportunities and broaden the road of development, which is conducive to improving the proportion of market-oriented sales for the company, focusing on overseas markets, enhancing Guilin Hongcheng's brand and gaining more international recognition and acceptance.

Innovate the service mode, focus on customers, strengthen post market capacity, upgrade the value of customers, and open a new chapter in Hongcheng's development with the attitude of a leader.

Guilin Hongcheng will continue to fulfill the development mission of scientific and technological innovation and serving the society. Hongcheng takes quality and service as its business philosophy and market-oriented, and carefully develops each grinding mill. We strive to establish the popularity of Chinese brands and provide more high-quality grinding mill machine equipment made in China for the world grinding mill market!

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