What is the use of carbon black from tire refining?

Release date: 2023-11-20

What is the use of carbon black from tire refining? In addition to tire oil, the products of waste tire refining also include steel wire, carbon black and flammable gas. The black color of tires is due to the addition of carbon black to the rubber. Carbon black has excellent reinforcing properties for rubber and can give tires excellent wear resistance. By processing carbon black in a Raymond roller mill, the by-products of waste tires can be turned into treasure.

The waste tires undergo a cracking reaction through the refining equipment, and the rubber components are converted into oil and gas and are exported from the cracking furnace. After the cracking is completed, what remains in the cracking furnace is carbon black and the steel wire in the tire.

The output ratio of the three components of waste tire cracking is: tire oil 40%, carbon black 30%, and steel wire 15%. In addition to these main components, there are some others. In other words, one ton of waste tires can produce about 0.3 tons of carbon black.

The crude carbon black after thermal cracking of tires is a black powdery solid substance that needs to be transported and stored in a closed environment. Carbon black itself can be reused, but if it is not handled properly, it will easily cause secondary pollution and waste of resources.

Carbon black also has great uses, but the carbon black used in tire refining is crude carbon black. Because it is at the level of semi-reinforcing carbon black, it can partially replace general-purpose carbon black as reinforcement. If you want to increase its added value, you can use a carbon black grinder for deep processing.

The size of the crude carbon black produced during the cracking production process is approximately 50-60 mesh. A carbon black grinder is used to grind the cracked crude carbon black to at least 325 mesh to achieve N-level carbon black quality and its end product It is close to N330, which is currently widely used in the market, and can be used in the basic rubber and plastics industry as a reinforcing agent, filler or colorant. Can be used to produce: rubber seals, rubber V-belts, plastic products, and pigments, etc.

Carbon black products and uses:

N550 is suitable for natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers. It is easy to disperse, can give the rubber high stiffness, fast extrusion speed, small mouth expansion, and smooth extrusion surface. Vulcanized rubber has good high-temperature performance and thermal conductivity, as well as better reinforcing properties, elasticity and recovery. Mainly used in rubber for tire cords, sidewalls, inner tubes and extruded and calendered products.

N660 is suitable for all kinds of rubber. Compared with semi-reinforced carbon black, it has a higher structure, finer particles, and is easily dispersed in the rubber. The tensile strength, tear resistance and elongation stress of the vulcanized rubber are lower. High, small deformation, low heat generation, good elasticity and resistance to flexure. Mainly used in tire curtain tape, inner tubes, bicycles, hoses, tapes, cables, footwear, calendered products, model products, etc.

N774 This product is suitable for all kinds of rubber. This product is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and oil-resistant. It is a low-pollution, low-elongation, semi-reinforced carbon black. Its characteristics are that it can be filled in large quantities and has good rubber processing performance. This kind of carbon black gives the rubber compound high elongation, low heat generation, high elasticity and good aging resistance, increases the processing fluidity of the rubber compound, improves the bonding effect between the product and other materials, and improves the appearance quality of the product. Used for tire belts or plies, inner tubes, bicycle tires, hoses, tapes, cables, footwear and calendered products, model products, natural rubber, neoprene, and nitrile rubber products, with both reinforcing and filling functions .

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