Application of petroleum coke mechanical grinding products

Release date: 2023-11-17

Petroleumcoke is a product obtained by separating light and heavy oil from crude oil through distillation, and then converting the heavy oil into thermal cracking process. Depending on its quality, petroleum coke can be used in graphite production, smelting and chemical industries. Guilin Hongcheng is a petroleum coke mechanical mill manufacturer. The petroleum coke mechanical mill we produce is equipment used to process petroleum coke powder. It can process 80-2500 mesh petroleum coke powder. Today I will introduce to you the downstream applications of petroleum coke mechanical grinding products.

Application of petroleum coke mechanical grinding products

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So what are the applications of petroleum coke mechanical grinding products?

1. Low-sulfur, high-quality cooked coke, such as needle coke, is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high-power graphite electrodes and certain special carbon products. In the steelmaking industry, needle coke is an important material for the development of new technologies for electric furnace steelmaking.

2. Medium sulfur, ordinary cooked coke is widely used in aluminum smelting.

3. High-sulfur, ordinary green coke is used in chemical production, such as manufacturing calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., and is also used as fuel for metal casting, etc.

Most of the low-sulfur coke is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite manufacturing. It is also mainly used to produce carbon products, such as graphite electrodes and anode arcs, for steelmaking, nonferrous metals, and aluminum smelting; to produce silicon carbide products, such as various grinding wheels, sandpaper, sandpaper, etc.; to produce commercial calcium carbide for supply It can be used to make synthetic fibers, acetylene and other products; it can also be used as fuel, but when used as fuel, an Ultrafine Grinding Mill is required for ultra-fine grinding. The coke powder can only be burned after being made into coke powder by HLMX Ultra Fine Powder Grinding Mill. The main producers of fuel are glass factories, coal-water slurry factories, etc.

HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill is a kind of petroleum coke mechanical mill, mainly used to process ultra-fine powder of 5-45μm. Suitable for ultrafine grinding of calcium carbonate ultrafine powder, limestone, barite, calcite, kaolin, gypsum, pyrophyllite, petroleum coke and other non-metallic minerals, and can be used in papermaking, plastics, coatings, rubber, ink, chemical and other industries. It is an ideal grinding equipment for petroleum coke processing. If you have purchasing needs for petroleum coke mechanical grinding, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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