What equipment is used for 2 micron ultrafine barite processing

Release date: 2022-09-13

The field of barite continues to expand, the production demand for barite powder continues to develop to large-scale and large-scale development, and the application of ultra-fine barite is becoming more and more extensive. What equipment is used for processing 2-micron ultra-fine barite, specifically 2 What is the technological process of the ultrafine barite production line? Here is the detailed answer for you:

What equipment is used for 2 micron ultrafine barite processing

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1. What equipment is used for 2 micron ultrafine barite processing

2 micron ultrafine barite processing equipment commonly used ultrafine vertical mill.

Ultrafine vertical mill is mainly used for ultrafine grinding of barite, ultrafine calcium carbonate, calcite, kaolin, marble, limestone, graphite, pyrophyllite and other ores. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high yield, uniform particle size of finished products, and economical operation cost.

Ultrafine vertical mill is an advanced grinding equipment, suitable for ultrafine grinding of non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness less than 7 and humidity less than 6%. It can be adjusted arbitrarily within 3-22 μm, and it is relatively convenient to grind 2 μm ultra-fine barite, and the equipment is equipped with a mature sealing device system. In actual operation, there is no noise, little dust, and low energy consumption, fully complying with environmental protection standards.

2. Production process of 2 micron ultrafine barite

The production process of 2 micron ultrafine barite includes four stages: crushing, grinding, grading and collecting.

Part 1, Broken

The material is crushed into material smaller than 20mm by the crusher.

Part 2, Grinding

The elevator is lifted to the feeder, and then the feeder is quantitatively fed into the main machine cavity for grinding, and the grinding and grinding effects are achieved due to the rolling of the grinding rollers.

Part 3, Grading

The ground powder falls on the chassis due to the action of gravity, and is blown to the classifier above the host for screening under the action of the air flow of the blower.

Part 4, Collecting Powder

Those whose fineness is too coarse still fall into the main engine for regrinding. Those whose fineness meets the specification flow into the pulse dust collector with the wind. After collection, they are discharged through the discharge valve and enter the finished product tank. The rest are returned to the mill for re-grinding until they are qualified.

3. How much is the price of ultra-fine vertical mill for 2 micron ultra-fine barite

Different production demand configuration is not the same, the price will be different!

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