How to improve the grindability of steel slag

Release date: 2022-09-14

As one of the three industrial wastes, steel slag is the industrial waste slag produced in the steelmaking process and is used for cement mixture, which has a chemical composition similar to that of cement clinker. The main chemical composition of steel slag is CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, MgO, MnO and FeO. The content of SiO2 chemical composition affects the content of mineral components C2S and C3S in steel slag. The C3S and C2S structures after high temperature are relatively dense. This indirectly leads to the deterioration of the grindability of the steel slag. So how to improve the grindability of steel slag?

Steel slag HLM vertical mill

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1. Modification of steel slag

The modification of steel slag refers to adding some adjustment components in the production process of steel slag to change the mineral composition of steel slag.

The content of SiO2 accounts for a large proportion in the chemical composition of steel slag, which is not only the main chemical composition, but also an important factor affecting the mineral composition of steel slag. With the increase of SiO2 addition, the content of C2F in the slag sample decreased, and the content of C2S increased, and the grindability of the dicalcium silicate phase (hardness of 194.9HV) was much better than that of calcium ferrite (hardness of 336.9HV). ), thereby improving the grindability of the steel slag.

2. Add grinding aids

Adding a certain amount of grinding aid during the grinding process of steel slag can effectively improve the grindability of steel slag. The grinding method is simple and convenient, and also greatly reduces the energy consumption of grinding. At present, steel slag grinding aids generally use cement grinding aids for grinding.

3. Steel slag composite grinding

The composite powder produced by the steel slag vertical mill combined grinding not only improves the grindability of the steel slag to a certain extent, but also improves its hydration activity due to the synergistic effect of the steel slag. When the steel slag and fly ash are compounded in different proportions, the fly ash can exert the pozzolanic effect and react with the free calcium oxide in the steel slag to eliminate its damage to the stability of the steel slag in the later stage. Slow down the volume expansion of steel slag and improve the grinding efficiency of steel slag.

Guilin Hongcheng HLM vertical mill can be used for steel slag grinding. The steel slag scraps stored in the storage tank are sent to the main machine of the vertical mill through the quantitative feeder, and the steel slag entering the main machine of the steel slag vertical mill is ground by the grinding rollers Press to form fine powder, and the fine powder is sent to the powder analyzer on the top of the main machine of the mill through hot air equipment. The steel slag vertical mill has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large feeding particle size, easy adjustment of product fineness, simple equipment process, small footprint, low noise, less dust, easy use and maintenance, and low operating costs.

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