What are the ways to utilize laterite nickel smelting slag

Release date: 2023-09-26

As solid waste, the massive discharge of ferronickel slag is not only a waste of resources, but also takes up land, worsens the surrounding ecological environment, and brings harm to people's health and agricultural production; in addition, companies have to invest huge funds every year to solve the problem or mitigate these disadvantages. As a supplier of nickel slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng's HLM nickel slag vertical mills provide good equipment support for the utilization of laterite nickel smelting slag. Today I will introduce to you the ways to utilize laterite nickel smelting slag.

What are the ways to utilize laterite nickel smelting slag?

(1) Ferronickel slag production of cement mixing materials: After nickel-iron slag is finely ground to fine powder, it can be added to cement clinker to make cement mixing materials.

(2) Mineral wool made from ferronickel slag: Since the chemical composition and phase composition of ferronickel slag is close to pyroxene, ferronickel slag containing about 60% (Si02+Al2O3) has strong adhesiveness at high temperatures. At the production temperature The nickel-iron slag solution within the range has high fiber-forming properties, and nickel-iron slag fibers can be obtained through vertical injection and centrifugal injection methods without adding charge.

(3) Ferronickel slag is used to prepare submarine engineering construction materials or reclamation materials: Ferronickel slag is the waste residue after extracting nickel and iron from laterite nickel ore through high-temperature reduction smelting. It has certain anti-corrosion properties and is harmless. It has good anti-corrosion and toxicity properties. It has certain potential in the application of submarine engineering construction materials and reclamation materials with relatively high leaching requirements.

(4) Ferronickel slag is used to prepare concrete blocks, autoclaved bricks, refractory bricks, glass-ceramics and other building materials: Since ferronickel slag and blast furnace water slag have similar smelting processes and physical and chemical properties, we can learn from the comprehensive utilization results of blast furnace water slag. , instead of clay sand and gravel or part of cement, used as cementitious materials or aggregates, ferronickel slag is used to prepare concrete blocks, autoclaved bricks, glass-ceramics and other products; taking advantage of the high magnesium content in ferronickel slag, the development of ferronickel The application of slag in refractory bricks, insulation materials, etc.

There are less valuable metals that can be recovered from ferronickel slag. The recovery cost of silicon and magnesium, the main components of ferronickel slag, is relatively high. Compared with other metallurgical slags, there are fewer comprehensive utilization channels. At present, the main direction of utilization of laterite nickel smelting slag is mostly concentrated in building materials. In the existing technology, solid waste residues such as nickel slag are generally made into fine powder and then used as an admixture for cement or concrete.

What are the ways to utilize laterite nickel smelting slag-vertical grinding mill

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The HLM series nickel slag vertical mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng is an ideal equipment to facilitate the utilization of laterite nickel smelting slag. It can process nickel slag powder to a specific surface area of more than 400, greatly improving the activity of nickel slag powder. If you have any needs for laterite nickel smelting slag utilization, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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