Application of nickel slag grinding and micronization process

Release date: 2023-09-25

Nickel slag is a solid waste produced by smelting ferronickel and contains a certain amount of ferronickel. Grinding the nickel slag into fine powder by using a vertical mill is beneficial to recycling ferronickel and obtaining considerable economic benefits. As a supplier of nickel slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the application of nickel slag grinding and micronization process.

Application of nickel slag grinding and micronization process-vertical grinding mill

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Nickel slag grinding process: Raw nickel slag is transported by truck and stored in an open-air yard. It is fed by a forklift into the pit through a sieve plate, and then fed to the grinding plate through a metering belt scale, belt conveyor and screw feeder. The constant-speed rotating grinding disc uses centrifugal force to evenly disperse the nickel slag outwards, forming a material bed of a certain thickness. The material is pre-compacted and exhausted before entering the grinding area. At the same time, the material on the material bed is affected by the three grinding rollers. squeezed and crushed. Materials with finer particles are picked up by the hot gas entering from the air ring at the edge of the grinding disc and sent to the powder separator for sorting (the dynamic and static combined high-efficiency powder separator can effectively adjust the fineness of nickel slag powder, and the specific surface area of the product can be Controlled within the range of 400-5000cm2/g), the qualified fine powder is collected by the bag dust collector as finished product, and the coarse powder is returned to the grinding disc for grinding again; large particle materials (including nickel iron) fall into the air inlet at the air ring channel, and enters the external circulation system through the slag discharging port. During this process, the material and the hot gas undergo full heat exchange, and the moisture is quickly evaporated. According to the process requirements, the moisture content of qualified fine powder sorted by the powder separator can be controlled to<0.5%. Part of the large particles that are difficult to grind fall into the air ring and enter the external circulation system through the slag discharge port. After being discharged through the dry magnetic separator, they enter the vertical mill again and grind the newly fed materials. The finished products coming out of the dust collector are sent to the finished product warehouse through equipment such as air conveying chute elevators.

When using the nickel slag grinding and micronization process to produce nickel slag, what everyone is most concerned about is the activity index of the nickel slag and the particle distribution of the finished product. As a supplier of nickel slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng produces HLM nickel slag vertical mills using a number of advanced technologies. While absorbing the original mature foreign slag and cement roller mill technologies, we have also made a number of technical improvements, including New high-efficiency cage powder selection technology, feeding anti-blocking technology, material bed finishing technology and new grinding roller sealing structure.

At present, HLM vertical mill has been successfully used in the nickel slag grinding and micro-powder process, and has been serialized. The products cover various specifications with an annual output of 300,000 tons to 1.2 million tons. Its technical features are as follows: It has automatic lifting rollers and falling rollers. function, it can realize no-load start; the grinding roller seal adopts a new dust-sealing structure; it is equipped with a roller turning device, which can turn the grinding roller out of the mill for easy maintenance; the grinding mill is well sealed and has a low air leakage coefficient; the pre-pressure exhaust structure has It is beneficial to the stability of the material bed and reduces vibration; the mechanical limit and electrical limit can effectively protect the safety of the equipment; the use of some external material circulation systems can greatly reduce the ventilation power consumption of the system; the high-efficiency dynamic cage powder separator has high powder selection efficiency , the fineness can be adjusted sensitively; the main machine is equipped with an auxiliary transmission device for easy maintenance; it realizes the separation of dry and wet materials, which can prevent the unloading pipe from being blocked; it realizes the iron selection treatment of nickel iron in nickel waste residue.

Through performance testing of the finished products, the results show that the nickel slag finished products produced by this system have excellent performance. The magnetic separator at the end of the row can select ferronickel, the production cost is continuously reduced, and good social and economic benefits are obtained. If you want to know more details about the nickel slag grinding process, please leave us a message.

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