Suggestions on comprehensive utilization of steel slag

Release date: 2023-09-27

The comprehensive utilization of steel slag generated during the smelting process can, to a certain extent, increase the economic profits of metallurgical enterprises and promote the long-term and stable development of the metallurgical industry. As a steel slag vertical mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng would like to give you some suggestions on the comprehensive utilization of steel slag.

Suggestions on comprehensive utilization of steel slag-vertical grinding mill

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Suggestions on comprehensive utilization of steel slag

1. As metallurgical raw materials:

Steel slag can be used as a raw material for metallurgy. It can be used as a flux during metal smelting. Limestone is the best choice for flux during smelting. The content of limestone in steel slag is relatively high compared with other substances contained in steel slag. Steel slag weighing 1 ton will contain 700 to 759 kilograms of limestone. In the process of smelting metals, industrial enterprises can use steel slag as a smelting flux, thus increasing the utilization rate of steel slag and reducing the cost of enterprises in purchasing flux. cost capital expenditure to ensure the economic profits of the enterprise. During the process of smelting metal, industrial enterprises add a certain weight of steel slag into the furnace based on the properties and quantity of the metal and use it as a sintering flux to control the temperature in the furnace within a reasonable range to ensure that after smelting The quality of the metal provides more options for the treatment of steel slag in metallurgical industry enterprises.

2. Application in cement:

At present, an important way for many steel plants to comprehensively utilize steel slag resources is to produce cement. Since steel slag contains cementitious mineral phases such as C3S and C2S, the mineral phase is similar to cement. Therefore, adding steel slag as a mixture in cement production can improve cement performance and reduce energy consumption. Using more than 80% steel slag as the main raw material, adding a small amount of activator, grinding and adding No. 200 and No. 400 cement can produce a new type of cementitious material - steel slag cement. It has the advantages of high strength, strong anti-penetration ability, good wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and frost resistance. It can be widely used in civil buildings and industrial buildings.

3. Application of solid waste steel slag as building materials:

Steel slag has the characteristics of high density, high strength, pitted surface, good wear resistance, and close contact with asphalt. Therefore, steel slag can be used to make cement and steel slag bricks with little or no clinker, or used for road subgrade and engineering backfill. In cement production, steel slag is mixed with cement clinker in a certain proportion to obtain steel slag cement, steel slag Portland cement, steel slag white cement, etc. Many projects can use steel slag as the main raw material to make building bricks required for walls, columns, passages, etc. People can use powdered slag or water-soaked slag, add a certain proportion of pulverized coal materials and activator to mix, and make building bricks through multiple processes.

4. Agricultural fertilizers:

For crops, steel slag is a complex mineral fertilizer mainly composed of calcium and silicon and containing various nutrients necessary for plant growth. Steel slag with higher phosphorus content can be used to produce calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and steel slag phosphate fertilizer. It can improve acidic soil. According to the different phosphorus content in the steel slag, the phosphorus-containing steel slag can be divided into different uses. Steel slag with a phosphorus content greater than 10% can be used as phosphate fertilizer; steel slag with a phosphorus content of 4% to 7% can be used as a soil conditioner. Silicon plays a great role in plants' resistance to drought and insect pests. Steel slag with high silicon content is made into silicon fertilizer through reasonable technology and used for rice production. Generally, when 100kg of steel slag silicon fertilizer is applied per acre, rice yield can be increased by about 10%.

5. Production of crystallized glass:

Appropriate addition of steel slag powder can prepare glass-ceramics with better performance. So far, many large enterprises at home and abroad have industrialized the production of glass-ceramics. Compared with ordinary glass, the crystallization process of glass-ceramics can be controlled to improve the wear resistance, weathering resistance, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, strength and other indicators of the product.

6. As sewage purification material:

The activated carbon contained in steel slag is used as a material for sewage treatment through strong adsorption. The steel slag is initially processed and treated, and then the scrap iron is removed, and large particulate matter is crushed. It is used as the main raw material for wastewater filtration and is installed inside the sewage purification pipeline. Steel slag adsorption facilities remove impurities and harmful substances in sewage, ensure that the sewage discharged by the enterprise complies with national regulations and standards, and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Applying the adsorption principle of steel slag in dye wastewater treatment can effectively remove dye substances in wastewater, reduce wastewater discharged by enterprises, reduce the impact on the surrounding ecological environment, and improve the utilization rate of steel slag. Steel slag can be crushed, crushed, and crushed to make It becomes a wastewater treatment material with strong adsorption properties, improves the effect of sewage treatment, and can also improve the economic benefits of enterprises within the metallurgical industry and promote the long-term and stable development of the metallurgical industry.

7. Road construction:

Since steel slag has high wear resistance and hardness, steel slag with better stability can be used in the highway industry in the form of roadbed materials. In the United States, nearly half of steel slag is used in the highway industry; in the United Kingdom, 98% of steel slag is used as road aggregate. Steel companies should communicate more with highway associations and related units to demonstrate the advantages of steel slag in road applications and accelerate the expansion of large-scale application of steel slag.

Metallurgical enterprises should pay attention to the reuse of solid waste, focus on reducing industrial costs, and actively promote the comprehensive utilization of steel slag. As a manufacturer of steel slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng's HLM series steel slag vertical mills provide good equipment assistance for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag and can process high specific surface area steel slag powder. If you have needs for comprehensive utilization of steel slag, please leave us a message for details.

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