What are the uses of coal gangue grinding powder?

Release date: 2022-06-13

What are the uses of coal gangue grinding powder? Today, I received a consultation from a customer who wants to know the use of coal gangue grinding. In fact, coal gangue grinding has a wide range of uses. Let's take a look below.


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1. Definition of coal gangue

If you want to understand the usefulness of coal gangue grinding, you need to know what coal gangue is? In a broad sense, coal gangue is a mixed rock mass discharged during the construction and production of coal mines.

2. The nature and classification of coal gangue

From the definition of coal gangue, we can learn that coal gangue is a large category of solid waste, so what are the main chemical components of coal gangue? According to the different properties and classifications of coal gangue, whether the use of coal gangue grinding has changed.

Coal gangue can be divided into 6 types according to the output method: rock lane gangue, coal lane grinding stone, stripping grinding stone, hand-selecting gangue, washing and selecting gangue, and spontaneous combustion grinding stone.

The chemical composition of coal gangue is mainly composed of organic combustibles and inorganic compounds. Inorganic substances mainly refer to: Si0240%-60%, Al0315%-30%, a small amount of Feg03, Ca0, Mg0, Nag0, Kg0 and other inorganic components.

Organic combustibles mainly refer to the ash of coal gangue, the calorific value of coal gangue is mostly below 6300KJ/Kg, the calorific value is higher than 630OKJ/Kg about 10%, 3300-6300KJ/Kg, 1300-330OKJ/Kg and lower than 1300KJ /Kg each account for 30%.

3. Use of coal gangue grinding powder

(1) Coal gangue power generation

Coal gangue grinding adopts fluidized bed technology. When the carbon content is greater than 20%, it can be used as energy and can be used for power generation.

(2) Recovery of coal and pyrite

Coal gangue adopts the methods of composite dry coal preparation, hydrocyclone, and heavy medium separation. When the coal content is above 20%, the coal can be recovered by the coal preparation method. This utilization method uses a pulverizer to grind coal gangue into coal gangue powder.

(3) Coal gangue grinding powder is used for building materials

Coal gangue grinding powder can be used for coal gangue brick making, cement, light aggregate production, coal gangue blocks, etc.

(4) Bricks made from coal gangue

The process of making bricks from coal gangue is basically the same as that of making bricks from clay, mainly including the preparation, molding, drying and baking of raw materials. Bricks are fired without coal.

(5) Cement production from coal gangue

The production of cement from coal gangue requires "two grinding and one burning", that is, the coal gangue is mixed with a certain proportion of limestone, ground into materials, and burned to partial melting to obtain clinker with calcium silicate as the main component. The mixed materials are ground into fine powder is cement. Such a production process can save the amount of coal during clinker calcination and reduce the coal consumption of the clinker; it can improve the sinterability of the cement raw meal, which is beneficial to the stability of the thermal system and improves the quality of the cement clinker.

(6) Production of chemical products

Extraction of aluminum compounds from coal gangue. After the coal gangue is mixed with limestone or soda lime, it is calcined at high temperature to activate the alumina in the coal gangue, and then leached with acid or alkali solution. The aluminum compound can be obtained through processes such as water washing and drying.

In summary, we can understand that coal gangue grinding has a wide range of uses, so it is very necessary to choose a good coal gangue grinding equipment, which can allow you to maximize the value of coal gangue utilization, such as If you are interested in coal gangue grinding equipment, welcome to consult.

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